Mats Lewan: Here is the Settlement

  • That's what's so funny. The ecat did not work. Rossi was, in a sense, lying about lying to Hydrofusion. He can't even be honest about lying! ROTFWL!

    There you go again. Everything you say goes through this emotional prism you have that "Rossi is a fraud". You can't see it any other way. When Rossi foregoes taking the $89M/$267M it's because he has other investors he wants to fleece down the road. Rossi creates a reality distortion field with otherwise competent scientists whenever he demonstrates his device. And so on.

    I would encourage you to pick up the phone and call criminal authorities in Florida because all this stuff has been entered as evidence under oath and is juicily waiting for a nominally competent investigator to put Rossi into jail for the rest of his life.