​New E-Cat QX Picture and New Rossi-Gullstrom Paper (Very high COP reported with Calorimetry)​

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    That is interesting, given that J.M. Products voluntarily dissolved in July. I wonder who is paying the rent in Doral? Was that rented by Rossi and subleased to himself? Maybe he is now a squatter. It would be fun to see him evicted



    Address of the site: 7861 NW 46th St., Doral, Florida, 33139 USA Participants to the experiment: Carl-Oscar Gullström, Dr Andrea Rossi"

    As you can see, Leonardo is now headquartered in the Doral warehouse. Big move up from Rossi's Miami Beach condo...movers must have been busy! Rental income on those condo's he bought for the cancer victims must be paying well. :)

    Leonardo's official website "Ecat.com" is still hosted by Hydrofusion, and it still shows Leonardo's address as his condo. Siffer...you need to stay up on this! And when are you going to start talking? Your 2 weeks is up.

  • Alan,

    We were also told, (almost 7 years ago), that Rossi had built an Energy Out > Energy In


    As of today, no one on the planet knows if it works as stated except Rossi, and he is simply not trustworthy.

    Indeed, the entire planet has read the reports from experts who have been able to test Rossi's technology and thus knows it works. Those who persist in pretending that his devices do not work have all been given an appointment on this forum. I wonder if you occasionally organize funny parties .....

  • Adrien,

    Because I do not believe Rossi has developed an Energy Out > Energy In device, and I never have.

    It is very difficult for me to understand why anyone, anywhere would believe anything this man says.

    It is probable that sometime, someone, somewhere will actually develop some type of clean, safe, sustainable atomic energy platform, but it will not be Rossi.

    The "Hot Fusion" crowd, whoever they are, have corrupt congress funding their pet state boondoggles, but this has nothing to do with Rossi, it is not and either/or proposition.

  • Because I do not believe Rossi has developed an Energy Out > Energy In device, and I never have.

    That is no reason to keep repeating your doubts about Rossi.

    I am not female. Adrien is one female version of Adrian.

  • That's how Rossi spells the word in his idiotic blog. Along with enough other classic spelling errors that he makes all the time that we have been calling it Rossispeak and Rossiisms at Moletrap. Rossiisms also make it possible at times to confirm that Rossi's blog sockpuppets are really him. Another moronic habit the man has. He sets up softballs and snowballs for himself on his blog under some new (and often unlikely) name and then answers them. Hilarious.

    Is moletrap the new ECN?

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