Francesco Celani: LENR: esiti sperimentali e ricerche teoriche.

  • Francesco Celani publish on ResearchGate the slides of a presentation "LENR: esiti sperimentali e ricerche teoriche. " to "31° CORSO AVANZATO DI RADIOPROTEZIONE MEDICA."

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  • Very quick notes

    3-15 Climate change and energy problem

    16-19 What the Universe is currently known to be composed of

    20-28 Standard Model is a bit lacking; dark matter and dark energy; quick story of the Universe as we know it

    29-31 Ultra-dense matter (Holmlid) could help understanding what dark matter is; research is not expensive and could help fighting climate change.

    32-33 Zitterbewegung interpretation of the electron

    34 Partial summary: Standard Model is not complete and ultra-dense hydrogen research goes on also from Celani's group

    35-36 How we started working on cold fusion

    37-38 New reactor (2017-02); presentation

    39- Constantan (CuNiMn) as base material chosen on the basis of what Rossi has been reported to do in experiments with Brian Ahern in 2007 at a DARPA laboratory.

    40- This wasn't known before.

    41- Iron-Constantan was thought to be the catalyst in Rossi's experiments in 2011

    42-44 CuNi alloy was also found to favor H2 dissociation; table; suggestion of CuNi also from a patent by Ahern.

    45-47 Summary of material preparation

    48-50 Fiberglass sheath for the wires as useful active material; but alumina never worked; impregnation of fiberglass by other materials.

    52-53 Langmuir observations

    54-55 Fe-K-Mn as excess heat promoters

    56-61 Non-equilibrium conditions important too; currently achieved with "knots" on wires

    62-63 Noble gas usage; useful for excess heat; rationale.

    64-65 More experimental improvements; February 2017 results

    66-71 Zener effect observed on wires, correlated with excess heat

    72-73 Conclusions; summary.

    74- More work needed

    75-77 Latest (2017-08-09) results from Akito Takahashi/Technova

    78-80 Zitterbewegung model of the electron and LENR

    81-82 Possible explanation of Iwamura's transmutations with ultra-dense deuterium

    83- Possible similarities between different theoretical models