A thread for odes - please add yours

  • By the shore of Canvey Island
    By the shining Big-Sea-Water,
    At the milking parlour doorway,
    In the pleasant Summer morning,
    We all stood and waited.
    All the air was full of freshness,
    All the earth was bright and joyous,
    And before us, through the sunshine,
    Westward toward the neighboring forest
    Passed in golden swarms the Gammas,
    Buzzing like bees, the honey-makers,
    Burning, singing in the sunshine.
    Bright above them shone the heavens,
    Many trod this path before us;
    Tho' its way is full of snares
    Sparkles flashing in darkness
    Lead us through the darksome trees
    As fog lifts off the heavy water,
    And the mist from off the bench.

    Something in the hazy distance,

    Comes nearer, nearer, nearer.

    With a smile of joy and triumph,
    We See what heeds to be, but is not,

    It's not the heron, the Shuh-shuh-gah
    Or the white goose, Waw-be-wawa,
    It is the fusion-bird Elly-Ennar

    On his wings of polished steel

    Bright like sunshine after rainfall

    Strong like thunder in the night

    Will he land or will he circle?

    We hope he stays to bring us light.

    With apologies to Longfellow.

  • Who would turn down a day trip to Essex?

    Land of armed robbers & white stilettos,

    He probably means no disrespects,

    It’s just that the outcome, he already knows.

    It can’t work! Of that, he has no doubt,

    So Oyster card will remain unused,

    He is ‘busy’, of course - but just don’t count,

    All his posts that daft Rossi thread has accrued!

    Worried his skeptical schema will be challenged?

    I’m not sure... But it don’t matter, if so,

    As I’m just trying to rhyme the word ‘unbalanced’,

    For reasons Mats Lewan surely knows.

    (With apologies if my guess is incorrect)

  • Tiny glass spheres lighter then air

    Float to the heavens completely unaware

    they can reach a height we're all balloons fail

    All full of fuel gasses like hail

    bursting to life furious as hell

    The void now seeks the air from below

    rushing in to occupy trash cans galore

    Now need to claim what was once yours

  • Strange radiation runs through my thoughts,

    Putting hope back into our hearts,

    Etching its way through mica and glass,

    Into universal acceptance it soon will pass,

    Providing a tool to tame Heaven and Earth,

    Providing warmth to every home and hearth.

  • Sheesh...not my fault I live a sheltered life.

    I've never been insane, or put my baby on a plane,
    in a suitcase that's alive and kicking,
    And your Honour, I confess, I have never tasted Meths,
    Or hid a gun in a box of fried chicken!

    I've never been to Amsterdam, or left my heart in Vietnam,
    Or sold gak on the streets of Mexico,
    I've never smuggled pot, or been murdered in my squat,
    Two stories from the top of a no-go.

    I've never had to steal, or sell my body for a meal,
    cigarettes or alcohol, or drugs,
    I've never had a tattoo, or scar that wouldn't heal...

    I've never been on strike, or a speeding motorbike,
    Been propositioned, beaten up, or mugged,
    I've got 20/20 vision, but I've never seen the light,
    And if you're looking for trouble...
    You've come to the wrong place.

    I've never gone cold turkey, in a shed in Albuquerque,
    Or played Chicken on a railway line,
    I've never been a litter bug, given head, or taken drugs,
    Pump it up Jack, pump it up Jack, pump it up!

    Crack that whip across my thigh,
    Stick a needle in my eye,
    Cross my heart and hope to die,
    I have lived a sheltered life.