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  • A COP of 3 is poor. And they use heat regulation to control the reaction. which will lead to reactor meltdown. They should use a high voltage electrostatic field like Rossi to push the COP up and to control the reaction to avoid meltdown.

  • Sure Axil. If they did "like Rossi," they could also become a stunning success, like Rossi!

    We will know in a month or so about Rossi's success or failure when he presents his demo. You might want to look forward to formulating your next line of attack in the event that Rossi's upcoming demo is a success. If you want to maintain your leadership role in the troll community, hard work is required. This also applies to the other trolls who want to continue to attack Rossi, but if you are first to put forward an attack plan, others will see its merit and its genius and copy it from you. In this, you will do a singular service to the Rossi troll community that any good leader must demonstrate.

  • As Jacques Ruer have explained, the COP is not a problem, and can be improved with engineering, under the assumption (confirmed by observation) that the COP excess heat grow with temperature.

    the key question, as Mary remind us, is if the phenomenon is confirmed, and the patented process reproductible by competent experts.

    Normally competent experts should be able to answer that question.

  • There is a link to the company's publicly available information ("s.r.o." acronym is roughly the equivalent of "Ltd".) It's rather Russian than Czech company, which makes me suspicious about their real business and intentions. For me it looks like typical patent troll or mafia company, trying to embrace and extent the potential LENR business in post-soviet republics in the name of Russian Federation.

    1. ing. EMANUEL HUBENÝ Praha - Stodůlky, U jezera, PSČ 155 00

    2. OLEG OLSHANSKY Volgograd, Klubnichnaja 19, PSČ 400 069, Russsian federation.

    3. ANDREY KOLOSOV Volgograd, Vostochno-Kazachstanskaja 49a, PSČ 400 094, Russsian federation.

    4. LEONID KHUDYSHKIN Volgograd, Prazhskaja 1, PSČ 400 050, Russsian federation.

    Apparently Russia struggles to embrace energetic business in all countries of its influence. So this patent makes no big deal for future progress of LENR - it's rather an example of growing gray economics connected with it.

    As for possible connection of Czech LENR researcher known as Me356, the Power Heat Energy S.R.O. based in "Nusle in the Czech Republic" is from Prague, whereas Me356 comes from somewhere around Brno in Morava, where Bob Greenyer also lives. Also the content of patent application doesn't overlap way too much with Me356 actual research (i.e. the fusion in hydrogen plasma discharge). The technology presented in patent is more close to Quark-X reactor. Me356 has also said, IIRC, that he has gone to great lengths to avoid any lenr-type patents...

  • All that means is that guys have some sort of a legit cz based business front. Don't try to find any logic in how Russian businesses are structured. Obsucurity is often used to protect actual owners from whatever Russian reality might bring. Lots of money of questionable by Western standards origin as well.

  • Also the content of patent doesn't add nothing new to known LENR technology despite it's huge - it essentially means, it tries to embrace the potential LENR business, not to bring progress into it. On the whole 140+ pages of patent application absolutely no new trick is revealed. Most of you could write the similar patent application with using of existing knowledge for sure. You may call it "legit business", but the patent trolling is prosecuted in most of civilized countries.