Caveat Emptor (investors beware)

  • Surely a bot cannot believe to 2 or more mutually contradictory and impossible things before breakfast? Axil is totally human in that respect.

    In general,, I greatly admire the brevity and wit applied to the construction of your posts. But in this case, would it be possible for you to expand and enumerate those contradictory and impossible start of day propositions, or did you use this unsupported and baseless premise to cleverly diminish my persona?

  • axil

    Iet me try to explain the bot thing.

    If you look at the structure of your posts they all start with short preamble something along the lines 'It is totally clear now! Lenr is explained by this...' then it follows by an essence of an article you must have picked up in the news recently. As an example take your recent post on ecatworld about breakthrough in subatomic fusion they predicted on paper and also proved it is impossible in the same paper. The title of the press release was very catchy though .

    I am an engineer but my basic knowledge in physics is enough to conclude that the scope of your posts are spanning the entire filed of physics from traditional to alternative. How can a person simultaneously believe in the theories which are know to contradict each other?

    Hence a conclusion that it is bot-generated.

    I now understand that LENR derives its output energy from Quark and gluon energy content and not nuclear binding energy. The article that you site supports the proposition that extraction of the energy content of quarks and color gluons are possible and have been detected in experiments at CERN. I then supported this quark energy source from the experiments conducted by Holmlid.

    I suspect that almost all who are interested in LENR do not accept quark based energy as a source of LENR power. All of those interested in LENR think that LENR energy comes from nuclear binding energy. This invalid fusion based proposition must be vigorously countered as this fusion myth is highly destructive of LENR's credibility.

    Thanks for expanding on the bot explanation, but most of the impossible characteristics that LENR demonstrates are rooted in recent discoveries throughout science.

  • With all due respect, I too have noted the "bot" like behavior of our most speculative member. Maybe it has discovered the means to truly model human intelligence..... polyneurons.....

    It is easy to find via google the definition and theory that polyneutrons was invented to explain.

    This concept was produced by J. Fisher to explain the particle tracks and transmutation patterns that he had detected in CR39 plastic.

    I believe that the transmutation pattern seen in recent SEM results came from strange matter interactions in quark color transitions as explained above in post #42.

    I have detected a unfortunate tendency in the people who now work in LENR to invent non standard speculations to support LENR results. There are speculations based on standard model theory that work much better and remove the need to fantasize about what makes LENR results so unusual.

  • polyneutrons was invented to explain

    Well darn it. I thought we had something with the multiple neurons. But is was just neutrons. That itself is interesting, but not a source of bot intelligence I suspect..... Thanks to all the bots here with their good humored banter. We can still speculate on the ability of very cold neutrons to assemble into natural aggregates, the smallest of which might be a tetrad, that is the points of a tetrahedron.

  • The neutron condensation is a result of Yukawa force, well known analogy of shielding Cassimir force at small distance scales. It's too weak for being able to explain the cold fusion itself. For me it's a tip of iceberg of binding forces, which could emerge along longer chains of colliding nuclei.


  • New video presentation by the project lead

    In short, during the work on bacterial transmutations serious flaws were identified. At the same time using knowlege obtained during this research the group was able to come up with electromagnetic ways to initiate transmutations.

    At some point he claims that they are way ahead of the pack.

    If you view the presentation you will see images of the lab and reactor.

    He emphasized that at this point theoretical explanation of the process is not a priority.

    At some point the video scrolls through the list of references where you can recognize works by Widom-larsen, Storms among some other 18 international researchers.

  • BG is taking Synthestech to task on ECW. Good for him. Not that they have done anything wrong so far, other than a little bluster which is the norm it seems in LENR+. But he lets them know that their claims are not supported with any scientific substance on their website. I think LENR needs more of this kind of brutally honest assessment.

    Unfortunately, he makes a positive reference of Suhas' fuel ash analysis as a good example, and honestly, IMO, Suhas was kind of sleazy. Maybe even more so than Rossi.

  • Shane D.

    Bob get it bang on.

    I wish them well. Hope by the time they release ico, public is not too tired of crypto stuff.

    I believe there is not too many people who are looking for a way to invest into lenr. They need to either release 0 info and claim secret breakthrough in green tech so they can attract general public or release all details and hope they can have small number of lenr enthusiasts.

  • Shane D.

    Bob get it bang on.

    I wish them well. Hope by the time they release ico, public is not too tired of crypto stuff.

    I believe there is not too many people who are looking for a way to invest into lenr. They need to either release 0 info and claim secret breakthrough in green tech so they can attract general public or release all details and hope they can have small number of lenr enthusiasts.

    Or they could save themselves a lot of trouble, let MFMP, or any nearby university verify, and then partner up with the closest energy concern. I just do not see any of them going it alone. Of course, this is all hypothetical so far, as no one has gotten further than their press release as of yet.

  • BG is taking Synthestech to task on ECW.

    BTW. Frank Acland tells me that for some reason he cannot yet understand Google has de-listed ECW. That certainly seems to be true when I Google it from the UK. ECW is not too difficult to find, but as of a few hours ago it is no longer anywhere near the top ranking for 'E-Cat'. Do any DuckDuckGo users have anything to add on this puzzle?

  • Synthestech just published a white paper about their strategy…news-for-you-3f0cb968f453

    White Paper on the Project is already available!

    Stay with us and you will always be the first to learn the latest news of the project.

  • Thank you Alain,

    Synthestech's new "White Paper" report is very impressive. Reads good, and very promising. Clearly they are at a very early stage research with LENR based transmutations, after concluding biological-transmutations are not practical at this time. They want money to continue, and they have a clear plan based on how much money they collect. The less money they collect, the more basic their research. The more they collect, the better they equip themselves, and the faster it goes.

    Were I a billionaire with $ millions to spare, I would be cautious, but open to further information. With commercial grade LENR awash with hype, I would be very, very cautious. I would be extra cautious in that they are in Russia. I love the Russians, very smart scientists, great people, but while the Iron Curtain came down long ago, there is a virtual wall still in place. So let us be honest, Russia represents great risk for western investment. LENR even more so.

    And then there are those Bitcoins they want to trade in. I do not see the point? Maybe Max could explain.

  • Quote

    Were I a billionaire with $ millions to spare, I would be cautious,

    I doubt that you would. If I were a billionaire, I'd spend my money on other things. However, I'd send a bit of cash in Mizuno's direction (with a requirement for careful oversight) because it can't be that hard to learn whether his kilowatt claim is real or blown smoke.

  • I live in Kazakhstan and I teach geology at university. I came to LENR because these processes go in crust! There is a lot of examples! But why physicists doesn't listen to geologists! We should unite and resolve an issue of search of new energy all together, to Russians, Europeans. to Americans...! It has to be the main task of all planet! Oil is blood of the planet and that wouldn't get it, we should find new energy. The planet perishes in the face of people who suffer from global climate change! All of us will be got by the nature and will destroy! I suggest to create at this forum a subject on a databank of scientific researches both to discuss them and to interact with each other. One person won't be able to find new energy because LENR costs on a joint of many sciences which should be interpreted in a whole and to be checked in experimental conditions!

    What not to allow BOTS on a forum, we should be everything under the name, it is necessary to clean nicknames, it is necessary to know all by sight! The Internet has no nationalities, the Internet for all people of the world! Only the Internet will save the world! Rossi won't save the world the energy is everything understand, why to pay very much to it attention! it is necessary to look for new ways of search of energy!

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