Not drowning, but waving.

  • Decidedly nothing closely connected with LENR, a new patent describing an apparatus for creating LSW (longitudinal scalar waves) and their potential uses has been filed. Included here is a suggestion that they propogate at 64X light speed and can produce anti-gravity and 'tractor beam' effects. A look at the citations included will show some of the history behind this much derided phenomenon, going all the way back to big daddy Nikola Tesla.


    Scalar-longitudinal waves (SLWs) may be transmitted and/or received. A first apparatus configured to transmit and/or receive SLWs may include a linear first conductor configured to operate as a linear monopole antenna at a first operating frequency. The first apparatus may include a tubular second conductor coaxially aligned with the first conductor and an annular balun configured to cancel most or all return current on an outer surface of the second conductor during operation such that the first conductor transmits or receives SLWs. A second apparatus configured to transmit and/or receive scalar-longitudinal waves may include a bifilar coil formed in an alternating fashion of a first conductor and a second conductor such that an electrical current in the coil will propagate in opposite directions in adjacent turns of the coil thereby cancelling any magnetic field so that during operation the coil transmits or receives SLWs.

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    Classical electromagnetics predicts no wave creation by radial motion of a charged sphere. More specifically, spherical symmetry of the radial electric field on a charged, oscillating sphere implies a curl-free electric field (∇×E=0), which in turn yields no variation in magnetic field from Faraday's law (∇×E=−∂B/∂t=0), corresponding to no magnetic wave. Thus, the Poynting vector, E×B/μ, is zero, resulting in no classical electromagnetic radiation. This statement applies more generally to no creation of electrical waves by radial motion of any extended charge distribution.

    The scalar waves are legit stuff. According to Gauss theorem (on which Randall Mills theory is also based) the spherical antennae shouldn't radiate their energy into outside. Therefore if we charge a capacitor made of concentric spheres, no capacitive current should actually pass through it. But it indeed does - in form of spherical wave between electrodes.


  • It's important to realize, that the scalar waves are in physics from the very beginning of light theory. Even Maxwell considered scalar component of light wave in his quaternion equations, but these were found "overly complex" and simplified (i.e. cleaned from scalar wave component) by Heaviside and Lorentz into form, which is taught at schools today. But the scalar waves returned into physics just a few later in 1905, when Einstein proposed the existence of light quanta, i.e. the photons.


    Because the photons aren't Maxwell-Heaviside waves, but a solitons of them, they differ from transverse Maxwell wave just by its longitudinal wave component, which gives them a property of wave packet. Therefore once you believe in existence of photons and recognize them different from Maxwell waves, then you're already considering longitudinal, i.e. scalar component of light waves.

  • From previous post follows, the longitudinal and transverse waves of vacuum never come in pure form, the observable radiation always represents a mixture of solitons with dominant content of transverse EM waves (i.e. common photons with higher or smaller spin/polarization componenet) and/or magnetic vortices with dominant scalar wave component, which are their supersymmetric counterpart.

    Being longitudinal waves of vacuum, the scalar waves are doing most of things in the opposite way to transverse EM waves. For example the EM waves get radiated, when the EM field is changing its polarity, whereas the scalar waves get radiated only, when the EM field is changing its distance or intensity, i.e. during pulses and transient phenomena within material in (negative) dependence of field density to energy density, like the metamaterials. The EM waves get absorbed / radiated well with materials where the electrons can move freely, i.e. the metals, whereas the scalar waves get absorbed / radiated just with materials and systems, where these electrons are geometrically frustrated, i.e. immobilized at place (Dirac/Weyl/Majorana fermion materials): i.e. the superconductors, topological insulators and graphene, also charged capacitors or ferromagnets in anapole arrangement or bifilar coils. The scalar waves ignore metal conductors in general and they do "respect" electrons only when they're immobilized with strong electric field.

    As I noted above, the aspect of transverse waves is, they cannot be radiated with spherical antennae. As Konstantin Meyl demonstrated, the scalar waves prefer spherical arrangement instead. Their resonators would be therefore formed with concentric spheres or their likes (bi-conical coils of Tesla and/or cylindrical capacitors similar to Leyden jars), which shouldn't radiate transverse waves into an outside according to Maxwell's theory.. The scalar waves aren't absorbed with metals, so that the metal sheets (Faraday cage) can be used for their separation from superposed classical, i.e. transverse electromagnetic waves.

    The experiment with scalar wave transmission would consist of pairs of capacitors, which must be planar (i.e. not rolled - typically high quality mica capacitor) and charged to a high voltage. If we would load one of capacitors with DC signal with superposed AC pulses, then the another capacitor will detect the AC noise at distance. Because scalar waves have pronouncedly directional character, the detection of signal from first capacitor with another one will not depend on their distance, but it would depend on their mutual orientation. And surrounding the capacitors with conductive shield (Faraday cage) shouldn't affect the scalar wave transmission.

  • Dark photon concept of dark matter now looks disproved. But contemporary physics has a tendency to burrow all good ideas by its incompetence - including its own ideas.

    Tesla was possibly first who observed something like the dark photons i.e. scalar waves during experiments with wires exploding under the discharge. I don't see any reason for utilizing expensive devices and high energies for their research - on the contrary, the Supersymmetry theory implies, that superpartners will be the heavier, the more lightweight would be the original particles forming them. The observations of N-rays should be also revisited from this perspective, despite they probably have different nature.

    The question also is why the supersymmetric particles should come as an individual particles (which is what the researchers actually looked for) and not in streamers of unparticles. The high dimensional AdS/CFT projection into 3D space isn't a single particle. Neither the result of sound wave impact to water surface forms a single wave at the surface.