Demonstration of the E-Cat QX - 24 November - Summary thread

  • I understand exactly why me356 didn't want to release the LENR genie; there are some reasonable safety concerns. But the basic principles are loose now. I wish he would come forward and discuss the practical issues of using EVO based stimulation.

    The me356 AURA reactor was MFMP test results failed. Maybe he will not come again. . . . . .

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    Alan Smith LION made strange request to BG to hold the reveal until after Rossi demo citing that he was a big fan of Rossi and didn't want to obstruct the demo in any way.

    So we got weird mix of pathologies ranging from obsessively secretive to pathological knights.

    And man of honour Suhas also comes to mind and me356 with his worries about future of the humanity once lenr genie is released.

    oftentimes used car salesman are more efficient in getting things done than extraordinarily people with all mental baggage attached.

    Well said Max. I sometimes wonder if we are not being led down the rabbit hole. As Alan said, there are some adults in the room and I take some comfort from that. Rossi will be promising until the day he retires to Miami, or the grave, and never deliver. Alan and Lion on the other hand have committed to this year as being "the year" they show us something, so at least we have a timetable from them. The others:

    me356...who knows, but I expect little from him after BG made that visit almost a year ago. Suhas...I wrote him off after he pulled that cheap bait and switch on BG and Eggely.

  • All Rossi need is one or two customers who will allow other people to see the kit in action and to examine the figures.

    Whatever the method used, he will have to publicise successful use in the wild if he hopes to flood the world with alternative energy sources.

    IMO, this isn't going to happen

    Solar PV would be nowhere if it hadn't been demonstrated that it worked outside the development lab and in use by people who knew nothing of its theory of operation.

    It is to be hoped that SOMEONE claiming to have LENR in operation will not be so paranoid/scared of losing control over IP. The whole point of IP is to be able to sell or license it and thereby spread it quickly and maximise revenue

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    It is to be hoped that SOMEONE claiming to have LENR in operation will not be so paranoid/scared of losing control over IP. The whole point of IP is to be able to sell or license it and thereby spread it quickly and maximise revenue


    Does he have IP to protect, and be paranoid over? This is the definition:

    "Intellectual property rights refers to the general term for the assignment of property rights through patents, copyrights and trademarks. These property rights allow the holder to exercise a monopoly on the use of the item for a specified period."

    I think this IP thing has been overplayed, over-hyped and just another Rossi red herring. He has a USPTO patent for a "fluid heater" that mentions his "Energy Catalyzer (a fuel wafer)" as just one of the many embodiments. He has a full Italian patent however, so he has something to protect there. Other than a copyright to the Ecat trademark, that is it.

    IMO he has better positioned himself to be a patent troll should anything real pop up, than he has in protecting his legitimate intellectual property. But if it comes to that, at some time since 1989, someone else has done everything he did. Like him, they also applied for, and were rejected for a patent, so there will be plenty of patent trolls other than Rossi claiming they did it first.

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    Minor point: you can only be a patent troll using patents that have been granted.


    Not so minor if this were a normal field, but LENR is anything but normal. I think that because of the USPTO's SAWS program (discontinued 2 years ago), by which anything CF/LENR was rejected outright, there will be many that would try and have the USPTO revisit their patent rejection. That of course is in the event LENR finally leaves no doubt it is real.

    It will be a unique circumstance in the annals of patent history no doubt, but something will have to be addressed, so those whom first filed in 1991 say, have some recourse. I believe I have already seen some jockeying for position in the line up. That one guy (Rich Little?) who occasionally pops up on ECW for instance. There wold be many others that follow. In their shoes I surely would. First person I would hire to make my case would be David French.

    I predict it will be a messy bloodbath. As morbid as it sounds; I hope to live to see it happen, because that will mean we have light-off.

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    It is to be hoped that SOMEONE claiming to have LENR in operation will not be so paranoid/scared of losing control over IP.

    It might b please you to know, that neither I, nor my close colleagues care a flying frog about protecting LENR IP. We are more interested in making it just a little more respectable and mainstream and fundable. After all, if you can show something good, there will be cake enough for the whole planet.

  • Shane,

    I guess I do not see this “protecting the IP” issue like the masses here.

    “IF”, LENR is what we have been led to believe, inexpensive, sustainable, local energy, then no IP, no matter where filed or built or how vigorously defended, will be safe from non compliant countries and nation states.

    “IF”, it is a simple matter of the correct hardware, controls and elemental selection to correctly generate excess heat in the quantities discussed, then any one of us could build it in our labs.

    “IF”, this knowledge hits the web, the IP will be worthless. Global energy companies will

    duplicate design and change just enough to work around the IP and any patent issues,

    this happens every single day.

    The payday is just to high to not duplicate.

    I wonder why/how people do not see this eventuality.

    Think about it from a global perspective and tell me where I’m wrong.

  • Since Rossi and me356's EVO stimulation method has more or less been revealed, now we just have a waiting game. Eventually, someone will utilize an EVO generation method, achieve massive output, and share all the details rather than go silent while working to develop a product. The problem is that virtually everyone upon realizing what they have gets inventors disease and greed takes over. They know that if they tell others what they are really doing - generating EVOs in one way or another - they will lose the tiny window of opportunity they have. This why Rossi wants to mass manufacture the quark before telling us how it works.