When we solve LENR, how do we keep it from being abused?

  • I never said I was trying to market something. I was simply explaining what lead me to be interested in the topic of LENR. Money does not interest me very much.

    If I were the CEO of a big chemical company, I would get someone to look at your patent and understand the chemical principles involved in your invention. Then I would get some genetic engineers to create/modify a microbe that generates the the chemical processes that your invention is based on. Then I would patent that organism and sell it in competition with your device. Unless you can invent a proprietary hook that cannot be absconded with, then you will be disappointed in the devious ways and means prevalent in business to stipe you of your IP.

    Rossi has been looking for that hook for years now. We will soon see If he has outwitted the world of IP thieves.