Ken Shoulders ; The Man Who Made Black Holes

  • Thanks for the tip Axil. I have been watching Bob's videos for a while now, he is quite prolific. Honestly I think he tends to over interpret things but that's just my opinion. Personaly I want to try and stick with what I might be able to replicate from Shoulders work rather than drag in other systems.

  • /Ken Shoulder/EV replication (some time ago) from those notorious woo-merchants at Laurence Livermore. Spotted by Bob Greenyer

    Collective effect in an electron plasma system catalyzed by a localized electromagnetic wave

    Richard W. Ziolkowski* and Michael K. Tippett

    University of California, Laurence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, California 94550

    (Received 13 July 1990)

    The possibility of the existence of an essentially single-species plasma state represented by a stable packet of charged particles moving collectively through space-time is examined. The collective plasma state is catalyzed by a localized electromagnetic wave. Condensation to this state is shown to occur on a very short time scale. The model treats the particle packet as a warm electron plasma (fluid) and self-consistently incorporates the resulting electromagnetic field. Predicted characteristics of the localized particle packet and its associated electromagnetic fields compare favorably with recent experimental data.

  • No actual experiment performed for that paper.


    Detailed descriptions of the actual creation of the packet are beyond the scope of the present work. Rather, we emphasize the possible existence of the localized plasma state given a realizable set of plasma and field parameters.