New Patent Filed by Leif Holmlid

  • Evidence for muon production from neutrino interaction with water; from wiki;

    Super Kamiokande is a large volume of water surrounded by photomultiplier tubes that watch for the Cherenkov radiation emitted when an incoming neutrino creates an electron or muon in the water.

    If meson production occurs from n reaction with protons in H2O, surely n reaction with UDD/H is highly likely to generate muons too. One could propose UDD/H/Hydrinos/Hydrotons as highly effective n detectors simply due to their Ultra-high density. Problem solved?

  • Alan Smith - since you have just been in touch with Norront Fusion and have links to the Rutherford Lab - what are the chances of doing some experiments to check this out? Direct collaboration with Holmlid would be the best option - if we're right about this UDD/H could be used to harness a technically inexhaustible as yet untapped energy supply from neutrinos/antineutrinos from distant supernovae and the sun. Furthermore, their function would be principally catalytic in generating muons for cold fusion reactions - unlike conventional solar power which converts photon energy at most only 20 % efficiency to PV current. Understand the science first then build the reactors (and knock TG's Nature paper off its pedestal!)

  • Alan Smith - another thought - could the diurnal/seasonal fluctuations in gamma ray releases from your CF reactors possibly be due or related to fluctuations in solar wind neutrino/antineutrino fluxes (seasonally due to the elliptical orbit of the Earth ie higher fluxes when closer to the sun etc or sporadically during solar flare/sunspot activity?) - also did you ever test out the KFeO2 catalyst with 100-300 Pa deuterium pressures?

    • Official Post

    Alan Smith what if all major lenr one-off events were caused by Sun activity?…0323692&RS=DN/20170323692

    6. The apparatus of claim 1, wherein the crystalline cathode is oriented to compensate for Earth's tilt relative to the orbital plane of the Earth around the Sun such that a selection dimension of the crystalline cathode is perpendicular to the Earth's orbital plane.


  • what if all major lenr one-off events were caused by Sun activity?

    Its a distinct possibility if all LENR events involve UDD/H formation within , or on the surface of the Pd/Ni lattice - whose spontaneous meson/muon release is activated by Cosmic radiation possibly GeV protons, neutrons & gammas, maybe local alphas from radon gas, and very high energy neutrinos/antineutrinos (TeV). I don't think a chiral anomaly cuts it (but I could always be wrong!) I wonder what Wyttenbach thinks about this? Also Parkhomov recently proposed neutrinos/antineutrinos were involved but these were very low energy thermally induced so nothing to do with Cosmic radiation. The end result is muons though, which we all know can catalyze cold fusion reactions. Norront Energy and Holmlid are working on this, nice if it checks out.

  • Well anyway - to get our heads round this - its not fusion but it is the inverse Primakhoff effect producing excess heat/photons! (Isn't this treading very close to R.Mills/BLP theories (regarding UV photon production) too. So the Primakhoff effect is(wiki):

    The Primakoff effect, named after Henry Primakoff, is the resonant production of neutral pseudoscalar mesons by high-energy photons interacting with an atomic nucleus. It can be viewed as the reverse process of the decay of the meson into two photons and has been used for the measurement of the decay width of neutral mesons.[1]

    It could also take place in stars and be a production mechanism of certain hypothetical particles, such as the axion.[2]

    The effect is predicted to lead to optical properties of the vacuum state in the presence of a strong magnetic field.[3]

    OK? So the inverse PE is converting axions back into photons, or excess heat - several hundred mW so far by their accounts

  • This patent is a very interesting read, the basic idea is that hyperfine high intensity magnetic fields in Pd/Ni cathodes loaded with D or H can transduce via the inverse Primakhoff effect the energy of dark matter axions into photons & heat (claiming this being the source of excess heat in previous electrolytic experiments rather than any form of fusion reaction) The problem with this is that these axions are very low energy (meV) so to trap sufficient axions to generate say 1 kW of heat would require flat sheet cathodes with similar surface areas to PV solar panels. Many references to cold fusion excess heat measurements which are indeed similar to these axion measurements - but they could be collecting any other type of cosmic radiation, they don't seem to be aware of or try to exclude other possibilities. But the analysis is useful because similar 1000T magnetic fields are probably present in ultra dense D or H so if this works (in theory) for transducing axion energy it may suggest mechanisms accounting for how the spontaneous mesons arise in Holmlid's results (if high energy photons interacting with deuterons releases mesons via the forward Primakoff effect). Wyttenbach might be interested in the magnetic field side of this.

  • ts a distinct possibility if all LENR events involve UDD/H formation within , or on the surface of the Pd/Ni lattice - whose spontaneous meson/muon release is activated by Cosmic radiation possibly GeV protons, neutrons & gammas, maybe local alphas from radon gas, and very high energy neutrinos/antineutrinos (TeV).

    UDD/H is one mediator/promoter layer in LENR. As said many times Mesons out of UDD/H do not promote LENR or fusion unless you manage to create (-) muons. Such radiation is damaging the NAE of LENR and unwanted.

    The maximum energy a proton can locally release is 11.6MeV. There is no direct pathway to GeV energy unless you just sum up the mass of connected particles...Later - miles away - when a muon decays some 100MeV are generated. Muons are not primary particles!

  • Only a possibility since UDD seems to release mainly +muons. So positron-electron annihilation will release some LENR energy - so what are Norront Energy working on if -muons cannot be created in sufficient quantities to drive fusion? -and all of Holmlid's speculation on the possibilities of muon-driven fusion reactors

    Existing Source for Muon-Catalyzed Nuclear Fusion Can Give ... › doi › full

    by L Holmlid - ‎2019 - ‎Cited by 2 - ‎Related articles
    Jump to V. FUSION POWER PREDICTIONS - The muon-catalyzed fusion processes require a muon generator able to provide a large intensity of negative muons. Both laser-induced and spontaneous processes in ultra-dense hydrogen H(0) generate muons as a result of the initial formation of kaons and pions. Both positive and negative particles are formed.‎ABSTRACT · ‎II. ULTRA-DENSE ... · ‎III. PROCESSES IN MUON ... · ‎IV. MUON FLUX

    Is this all just a load of old codswallop then like most conventional physicists think (by their stance of totally ignoring Holmlid's work)?

  • In a more recent study it was found that using protium instead of deuterium mostly negative muons would be formed. (open access)


    Abstract: This work reports identification of muons by their characteristic life-time of 2.20 μs after laser-induction of their precursor mesons, both kaons K± and K0L and pions π± in ultra-dense hydrogen H(0). The pair-production signal from scattered muons at a metal converter in front of a photo-multiplier detector is observed with its decay. The observed signal intensity is decreased by a metal beam-flag which intercepts the meson and muon flux to the detector. Using D(0), the observed decay time is (2.23 ± 0.05) μs in agreement with the free muon lifetime of 2.20 μs. This signal is apparently due to the preferential generation of positive muons. Using p(0), the observed decay time is in the range 1–2 μs, thus shorter than the free muon lifetime, as expected when the signal is mainly caused by negative muons which interact with matter by muon capture.

  • I meant Cosmic ray protons or neutrons which would have sufficient energy to initiate proton/deuteron fragmentation to release mesons. Do you think the spontaneous meson release could be due to a chiral anomaly as they propose? More likely background radiation - so I was thinking along the lines that all LENR maybe requires some background radiation level to initiate fusion. Do you think that this inverse Primakoff effect patent is also just a load of baloney too - I'd have thought the hyperfine magnetic field axion detection might be interesting for you.

  • Dr Richard

    To be honest I have no idea about that. Holmlid noted that the spontaneous processes are "somewhat stimulated" by artificial light in his laboratory. This seems a more direct and repeatable process than random external events.…-4896/ab1276#psab1276s4-1


    [...] The spontaneous nuclear processes in H(0) can be monitored for weeks. These processes are stimulated somewhat by light from fluorescent tubes in the laboratory, so covering the windows in the apparatus is useful for keeping the H(0) stable for long times.

    On the other hand Ólafsson thinks that large geological events like volcanic eruptions (etc.) can also stimulate spontaneous effects from ultra-dense hydrogen and cold fusion experiments in general. He cited a paper from other authors (Mayer and Reitz) who postulate the existence of UDH-like composite particles that might be generated inside the Earth in processes similar to those that can catalytically form ultra-dense hydrogen in the laboratory. Then such geological events would not only release energy but also these particles and their decay products, to some extent. See also the attached ICCF-21 poster (low quality, please download to enlarge).…nn-3-Poster-Volcanism.pdf…y_Generation_in_the_Earth

  • Yes-all very interesting so Olafsson is probably open to the basic idea that UDD/H functions like a very sensitive transducer for any high or medium energy level particles which may be present in the background - whether generated by seismic activity (maybe it could be used to make earthquake prediction sensors?), thunderstorms, solar activity, deep space supernovae - many possibilities. Why aren't other physicists falling over themselves to investigate UDD/H further. A similar paradox hangs over BLP's hydrino. Is it Sci-Fact or Sci-Fi?

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