NASA establishes that X-rays of between 65-200 keV trigger nuclear FUSION reactions - Patent published

  • The paper "Investigation of Deuterium Loaded Materials Subject to X-Ray Exposure," with the lower-energy photon flux, looks like it might be LENR.…

    I thought it was the other way around? Anyways, it is very easy to get confused between the two NASA papers. I think that comes from their numbering classification. Then revisions on top of that.

    Titles of the reports are clearly different though. So whichever paper you assign to the low, or high energy regime, the authors are the same on both, and that is good as some are from the oldguard of LENR researchers. Then, there is also this new LENR superstar Pine on both reports, whom NASA has evoked national security to ensure his continuing participation.

    At least one of the papers is LENR based, and that is the one they (NASA) based their USPTO application on.

  • Can you talk a little more about that? Somehow I missed this detail.

    Oh, that guy Pine? :) Well, you have to ask Ahlfors about him. Though I have to remind you, Ahlfors speaks only through symbology, or images. Like the ancient Egyptians.

    Ahlfors is the one who revealed Pines, as in "Pinesci", here BTW. Then there is his wife.

    Stay tuned.

  • Pines et al patent.

    Their writing looks like some of the LENR explanations that have been written before to explain how low energy inputs overcome the Mev Coulomb barrier.

    They neglect to say what causes the screening

    " For example, some embodiments of the present invention may fuse light elements to a target material or each other by exposing the target material to energetic electrons in an environment containing a suitable high density nuclear fuel, such as deuterium or tritium, as a high pressure gas or in liquid or solid forms, optionally as a compound with other elements. In certain embodiments, in addition to or in lieu of the fuel, the target itself, whether solid or liquid, may contain deuterium or tritium (e.g., a “deuterated” or “tritated” target). This exposure to energetic electrons causes deeply screened tunneling and/or converts at least a portion of the metal-dissolved fuel into neutral nuclei. In the case defined as “deeply screened tunneling,” an energetic electron or electrons that possess specific individual or collective quantum properties may pass sufficiently close to a nucleus of a deuterium or tritium atom such that the electrostatic repulsion between the screened nucleus and any adjacent nucleus is not felt by the adjacent nuclei outside the much reduced screening radius for a brief period of time. This significantly increases the quantum tunneling reaction probability between the nuclei even at lower kinetic energies."