New Energy World Symposium planned for June 18-19, 2018


    Mats Lewan:

    "Altogether, there are increasingly strong indications

    that the LENR effect is real and also that energy products

    might arrive in the market earlier than many have expected.

    And since the implications of such a compact, abundant,

    clean and flexible carbon-free energy source will be huge,

    we think that it’s important to hold the symposium to increase

    the understanding and prepare for a New Energy World.

  • Thank you H-G.

    Lewan is a braver man than I! In reading the website, it appears that Rossi is largely the reason for the symposium. Not surprising, as the earlier symposium was scheduled in June 2016, in anticipation of the "successful" completion of the now defunct/obsolete 1MW, as it was debuting at Doral. Lewan canceled that symposium when the litigation started. Rossi was to be a guest speaker then, however he is not listed as one now...

    That is the good part. The bad is that the symposiums website whitewashes both Doral, and the DPS. Hard to imagine a serious meeting like this based mostly on Rossisays, in light of his questionable behavior, and lousy science. In Lewan's defense though, he at least lists BLP, BEC and UGC as other potentials on the website.

    It would not hurt IMO, to also list NASA among the hopefuls, and start now minimizing Rossi's role. But what do I know.