Merry Christmas

  • Let's look into the future! What do you think will happen in 2018?

    Most of us here are out of the LENR loop, and would only be making baseless predictions about what may come. Although Jed and Alan are more tuned in, even they seem distant enough from the real action (if there is any) for any reasonable predictions.

    Dr. Nagel though is a true insider, and did make some forward looking comments in his round-up of the last ICCF. If I remember his words correctly, it seems China may be the new LENR frontier. So maybe they, Japan, or even Russia (he did not focus on them) will break-through in some way.

    From my perspective, in 2018 I will be interested in what happens to SKINR. I believe their 5 years funding is about ready to run out. Have they made enough progress to warrant another infusion? They did file for an USPTO application, and that may be enough, but I guess we will find out. Coolescence was in the same position, and unfortunately had to shut down in 2017 because they had to admit failure in replicating anyone.

    Also Brillouin (BEC). They have been very quiet lately, but SRI should have by now followed up on their successful replication of BEC's Q-Pulse reactor, so I expect to hear something from them soon. If they report another sound success, that may be something to get excited about.

    Wishful thinking, but I would hope to hear from Violante at the ENEA. He, of all, has been at this the longest, reporting one positive result after another. He even attracted the attention of Gates, who visited his facility 2 years ago. He does not seem the public type unfortunately, so I do not expect to hear anything out of him. Speaking of Italians...where is Celani, and Piantelli?

    Then there is Duncan at Texas Tech, and his Seashore LLC? He alone reignited LENR with his "60 Minute" report. Will he ever speak up for the field again? Or Miley, whose IP was bought by IH? That brings up IH also; when do we hear from them? Dewey!

    BLP...nah, they are always a few years away. Plus they got plenty of funding recently, so Mills is content for a while.

    If you forced me to make a prediction, I would predict that NASA is the likeliest candidate to make a LENR breakthrough next year. We only found out this past year (2017), that they quietly rounded up some of the best talent in the LENR field, added to them this Dr. Pine of PineSci Inc., and started a serious LENR program back in 2015 that lead to their Arxiv paper, and USPTO patent application. Keep an eye out at the VA Hospital for unusual activity, in Omaha, NE.

  • Oh, how did I forget to mention Rossi? I think we can all predict he will dominate LENR news next year. Amazing after what the court documents revealed about Doral, and last months QX DPS (Dog and Pony Show for the newbies), but such is LENR. With the help of his remaining fans, JONP sockpuppets, and lack of anything better going on in the field to talk about, the little conman will be center stage at least through next year. Oh boy.

  • Many thanks ShaneD...- I missed that detail. Reason I ask is that one of my long-term friends lives just a few hundred yards from the Omaha Vets Hospital, and also has the highest level of medical cover they offer in the veterans program.

  • And a happy New Year! It is traditional to look forward to the coming year, and make predictions. I made mine already, but no one else.

    Alan: Do you expect anything from any of your LFH clients? Lion for instance; is he going to come forward with his results?

    MFMP: What is on your agenda the next year?

    me356: Yeah, you are still in the picture. How are you coming along, and what can we expect to hear from you?

    BLP: Any of you that follow them know of anything we do not already know?

    BEC: Can we expect to see the newest SRI report? Is commercialization still years away?

    Brian Ahern: Any you going to attempt another Thermacore?

    Swartz: How is your Nanor coming along? Are you and Hagelstein going to start that MIT LENR course as rumored?

    NASA: We have some here connected to them, albeit once or twice removed from the action....what is their follow-up with their Arxiv paper, and patent application?

    IH/Dewey: You are still in the game according to Alan, so anything interesting in the pipeline?

    Russsians: Any of you know if Parkomov, or any of the others may make a breakthrough?

    Last, but not least: Will Rossi start that massive industrialization he has talked about for 7 years now? OK, that was sarcasm. :)