Ecat producing antimatter??

  • How is this adding credibility to Rossi claims? First paper was a digital simulation. It is similar to when people measured gravitational strength in the vicinity of a black hole.

    Next thing Rossi will claim 'opening a portal to the parallel universe'. Sure there is exiting solid research base on that - solves all known issues.

  • Max,

    What Lou linked to was interesting in, and of itself. That is why I liked his post. New things are always intriguing, and thought provoking, no matter how far out there. Never know when it will lead to something useful.

    Hopefully though, no one will read what Lou posted, and give Rossi credit for his QX's potential for anti-matter comment. With his well documented deceitful history, that should be obvious...I hope.

  • Another recent item from Positron Dynamics, courtesy of ---

    Solutions for near-term antimatter fusion propulsion using isotope breeding cycle…ron-emitting-isotope.html

    Some additional speculation (but no assertions) --

    Although their proposed engine uses 78Kr <--> 79Kr cycling to produce positrons, I wonder whether producing positrons via Oxygen-15 or Ni-13 decay would also work. (Some D2O would still be necessary, as well as some neutron kick-starter.) Both Oxygen-15 and Ni-13 are produced in electric arcs or lightning - See:

    "Lightning strikes cause nuclear reactions in the atmosphere"…tmosphere/3008332.article