The New Plasmoid Paradigm

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    Axil Axil

    At 44:29 of Bob's video, the LENR active agent seen in ECCO is an ultra dense hydride that will produce strange radiation tracks. Since it is a superconductor, it is metastable and retains its activity for months if allowed to extract energy from matter.



    Hi Axil, what you have to say about LENR interests me and so I pay attention to it. Above you say-- " Since it is a superconductor, it is metastable and retains its activity for months if allowed to extract energy from matter."

    This is something you have said many times before so I decided to try an experiment.

    LION 1 was run between May 26th and May 29th 2017- one year ago.

    I had a few grains of dust left of the outside crust, so I placed them in a LFH ceramic tube at 800C for 8 hours. When cool I placed them on a specially prepared x Ray emulsion.

    On one side of the green plastic outside I placed GOLD Leaf and on the other side SILVER Leaf. This on both sides was folded several times so the leaf was essentially a foil.

    The Dust was then placed on the GOLD side and a piece of foam placed on both sides of the emulsion on top of which was placed Barium Ferrite magnets, North on one side South on the other, taped together and left for three months. The magnets were 4cm x 2 and 3/4cm x 1cm.

    These are the results:

    IGNORE the black square in the photos, it is simply CCD pixel damage in the USB Microscope.

    THANKS AXIL for your suggestion.

    THE PHOTOS are best viewed in Full Screen Mode.

    That there is anything on the emulsion is amazing and the curvature is an added bonus. --GREAT IDEA AXIL. THANKS.











  • The Caterpillar tracks that are made by the monopole soliton is clear in two x-rays.

    But there seems to be the dipole double dot marks made in many of the 10 x-ray emulsions. The double dots look like they are paired in a magnetic flux tube connection as was seen in ECCO and the fresh LION ash.

    It is amazing that these solitons can exists dormant for a long time (year) without stimulation.

  • Over the decades I`ve been studying plasmoids, I`ve found that there are people who are anonymously or sort of anonymously filling up the available sites, news groups, or mediums such as this blog with stuff that doesn`t make much sense, is often misleading, and is often wrong.

    For people reading this blog because you want to actually find good information and news, try to stick to reading information from people with

    solid track records, who show that they are trying to be honest by giving enough information so that people can understand and replicate what they do, and

    who can prove what they are saying by producing experimental evidence that can be verified. Why listen to people if you don`t even know who they are and can`t verify what they say?

    After this field of transmutation or anomalous energy effects started after P and F, group after group and individual after individual keep popping up, asserting claims, refusing to provide evidence or enough information to replicate, stay around for years saying the same thing year after year without producing anything verifiable, and give the field a bad reputation. They take most of the attention and don`t produce anything. At the beginning, people who led the field such as Matsumoto and Shoulders were generally ignored although they did good experiments that could be replicated. They tried to explain to people who would listen how to replicate their experiments.

    That they were doing good research is apparent in that people could independently replicate and verify their claims: for example Matsumoto replicated

    some of Ken Shoulder`s discharge experimental results. In the following 20 years, group after group keep finding the same BL-like plasmoids markings and effects they discovered. Some of them cited Matsumoto and/or Shoulders, some didn`t. As I explained in the last long post, some of Priem et al`s markings look amazingly like some of the more unusual ones of Matsumoto that were published in Fusion Technology.

    I hope this helps people: In general:

    1) Listen to the people who reveal who they are and have solid track records including verifiable results. If they have published and can show experimental

    evidence for their claims, this helps you to know that maybe what they say is worth considering.

    2) Even better, listen to those people who have their experiments and results replicated.

    3) If people are presenting theories or models, these have to have testable predictions. If they can show that their predictions were verified, this is better. For example, in early 1992, I came up with the theory that microscopic BL produced the tracks that Matsumoto said he found and caused the transmutation effects he described. This was before I saw a picture of any of his traces or any of Shoulders` traces. I told him and started to publish this theory. I predicted that these microscopic objects would behave in the anomalous ways that natural BL do such as passing through materials without damaging

    the materials and also boring tunnels and making pits. I wrote they`d emit beams, convert to electricity, and tend to form typical BL configurations such as

    strings of BL. Those predictions were verified by Matsumoto and then later by Urutskoev and others showing these plasmoids are micro BL.

    4) Finally, remember that any general theory of transmutation effects has to explain the behavior of anomalous plasmoids and how anomalous plasmoids cause transmutation since these plasmoids

    are observed in all the kinds of transmutation experiments I am aware of (including Iwamura`s). I studied pictures that Iwamura published and could see typical plasmoid marks in them.

    If you are really interested in the subject of plasmoids, can show me that you`ve actually read some of my articles and studied what I am trying to explain, and don`t keep your identity secret, I`ll probably take your posts more seriously. Will

    more people take up experimental study of plasmoids and post your results here for discussion?

  • Ed,

    Shane Daigle. Wish you would get over this anonymity thing. I really do not understand why it irritates some people. I doubt anyone else will "out" themselves, so it could get lonely for you.

    Anyway's, good to have you here. Looking forward to when you, BG, Shoulders, Adamenko, etc. put all the pieces together into one theory explaining all, Speaking of Adamenko and his Proton 21... BG mentioned that Miley was on his advisory board now at his new USA start-up. Interesting if true.

  • The LENR reaction requires specific properties in order to produce the LENR reaction. Even through there may be a number of types of plasmoids that have been identified, non of these plasmoid types demonstrate the required properties.


    On the other hand, Vortexs do demonstrate these required LENR properties. These properties include superconductivity, coherence, Bose condensation, ultra high Q, double vortex structure, and chirality based on that double structure.