• Sergei,

    If you do not mind, I will put my 2018 predictions post here under yours..............

    It is traditional to look forward to the coming year, and make predictions. I made mine already, but no one else.

    Alan: Do you expect anything from any of your LFH clients? Lion for instance; is he going to come forward with his results?

    MFMP: What is on your agenda the next year?

    me356: Yeah, you are still in the picture. How are you coming along, and what can we expect to hear from you?

    BLP: Any of you that follow them know of anything we do not already know?

    BEC: Can we expect to see the newest SRI report? Is commercialization still years away?

    Brian Ahern: Any you going to attempt another Thermacore?

    Swartz: How is your Nanor coming along? Are you and Hagelstein going to start that MIT LENR course as rumored?

    NASA: We have some here connected to them, albeit once or twice removed from the action....what is their follow-up with their Arxiv paper, and patent application?

    IH/Dewey: You are still in the game according to Alan, so anything interesting in the pipeline?

    Russsians: Any of you know if Parkomov, or any of the others may make a breakthrough?

    Last, but not least: Will Rossi start that massive industrialization he has talked about for 7 years now? OK, that was sarcasm. :)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!

  • The Moderators Lament -food for thought in 2018.

    I’ve had this day, I’m sick of it, I’m up to pussy’s bow
    A moderator’s life is hard that's something you should know
    So gather round and listen up and let the record show
    That a moderator’s lonely life is one that’s full of woe

    It started out at 5 am, before the sun had shone
    I logged into LENR-f to see what’s going on
    There were 20 angry posters all waiting in the queue
    To tell me how to do my job with 20 points of view

    I worked through all those 20 posts and then through 20 more
    But then I had to take a break to see who’s at the door
    There was a witness standing there who’d brought along a mate
    He told me of a sinful world and of its fearful fate

    I thanked them both for stopping by and bid them both good day
    And politely took their magazine then sent them on their way
    I sat back down with widened eyes and with a dropping jaw
    In just those few short moments posts had come in by the score

    I moderated twenty posts, the type of posts that flame
    And twenty more for cussing and ten more that defame
    I thought I better take a break to try to make some tea
    Even mods must still take time to go and take a pee

    I came back to the forum to a poster full of rage
    He didn’t like the way his post was stricken from the page
    Protesting with much cussing and a total lack of class
    He told me “take ya forum and shove it up ya jumper”

    By now it’s only midday and time to have some lunch
    But I come back to the forum and reports in by the bunch
    I went into the blue room, a place where mods retreat
    Where we can talk about you guys in a way that is discreet

    It was Madmin who had posted there, there was an email in
    From a poster long suspended now repentant of his sin
    He begged we show him mercy, he’d come with cap in hand
    He said he’d lost his temper and he hoped we’d understand

    He said he had reflected and he swore that he had changed
    He saw now he had been at fault and even part deranged
    He said that his behaviour had been caused by undue stress
    His dog had died, his truck was broke, his son now wore a dress

    Us mods well we just rolled our eyes we’d heard it all before
    These posters that we let back in go straight back out the door
    It’s not that we’re hard hearted or that we’re out of touch
    Or we’d deny a second chance but we’ve heard it all too much

    I used to be a scientist, who wrote of physics beauty
    But now an uptight teacher type who’s given playground duty
    So if you ever meet a mod then don’t be smart or smug
    If you have heard one word I’ve said you’d know we need a hug.

    With apologies to the original writer, and thanks to 'hotcopper' stock traders forum.

  • Well, this is a good omen for the upcoming year. Dewey responded to me. Not the first time, but one of the few. :) Being into the spirits, I will venture a prediction about next New Years, and that we will be celebrating....