Cold Fusion Now : New podcast with Micael McKubre

  • Ruby Carat publish a new podcast, after David J Nagel, this time it is Dr Michael McKubre



    The second in our series surveying the cold fusion landscape features Dr. Michael McKubre, former Director of Energy Research at SRI International, previously Stanford Research Institute, where there continues an-almost-thirty-years program of experimental research in LENR/cold fusion. Dr. McKubre semi-retired to New Zealand in March 2016, and is currently consulting informally with several international research groups.

    He speaks with Ruby Carat on the general state of experimental research, and what needs to be done to fully-map the many LENR reactions.

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  • He mentioned this

    Israeli Company Launches Intense LENR Program

    A very big surprise at ICCF10 was the unexpected presentation by Dr. Arik El-Boher of Energetics Technologies Ltd., which is based in Omer, Israel. El-Boher was one of about a half-dozen individuals who were representing the company at ICCF10. It was obvious from the lavish equipment displayed and the multi-system parallel-cell testing approach being taken that a very intense program of research aimed at power generation is underway. El-Boher revealed that the company was pursuing four basic approaches: glow discharge heavy hydrogen gas systems; electrolytic cells; gas loaded catalytic cells, and high-pressure cells with ultrasonic wave excitation. The research has already led to substantial excess power generation in gas discharge cells, encountering the heat-after-death phenomenon, and the production of tritium. One of the company's cells had been producing significant excess heat continuously from June 2003 to the time of ICCF10 and beyond! All this was especially surprising, since the Israeli group, several of whom had attended ICCF9 in Beijing, seemed at that time to be only at the exploratory stage. The work is funded by a group of U.S.-based investors. One of the group's driving members is an American physician, Dr. Irving Dardik of Califon, New Jersey, who has made a name for himself in the treatment of various illnesses using special "SuperWaveTM" or "wave within a wave," multi-spectral stimulations. According to El-Boher, this type of input power waveform was being used to good effect in the LENR experiments being carried out in Israel. The company has already cooperated technically with the government-funded ENEA group in Italy, and there is evidence that cold fusion researchers in the U.S. are also beginning collaborations with Energetics Technologies. This appears to be a multi-million dollar private new energy effort, matched in organization and financing, only perhaps by New Jersey-based BlackLight Power Corporation.…issue52/ifcc10review.html

    Here we are 15 years later still talking about heat cycling, load discharge etc.

  • That ETI information caught my attention as well. This is one reason I suspect that LENR may already have been strongly developed. Where did it go? Too important for defense and offense to be allowed out of the bag, so to speak?

    The MIC of Eisenhower's speech:

    The MIC is still in place and it apparently does not care a whit about our globe where it all began.

    It is important that amateurs repeat these efforts with enough publicity to remove the cover. Important for preserving our planet.

  • Longview ETI apparently made a bang during ICCF10 and then went dark.

    There is a defence contractor with the same name. Since they are in the explosive resistant materials they could very well be that Israeli company where this research is very popular.

    The brief report also mentioned that they had some investment backing comparable only to black light power. That is sickening.



    After that Mallove written article in Infinite Energy Magazine about ETI you linked to, Mariane Macy wrote two more recent articles, that fill out the Energetics Technology (ETI)/60 Minutes/Robert Duncan/University of Missouri/Sidney Kimmel/Sidney Kimmel Institute of Nuclear Resonance (SKINR) connections. One led to the other, to the other, to the other.

    Somewhere along the line, it seems ETI just melted into the background. Maybe McKubre knows something more recent about them?

  • Shane D. Interestingly from my link it seems they had most luck with glow discharge but your links have more on Pd.

    Super waves the way to. If lenr teams got somebody from tesla replicators they would get it earlier. There is Russian patent for enhancing steel with this waves. The guy just points specially wounded and exited coil into metal bath. Claims that resulting steel has better structure and less impurities resulting in 40 percent stronger steel.