Roger Barker throws in the towel (and a big reveal)

  • Hi everyone,

    Roger Barker here. I am afraid I have some bad news. it is time to say good bye. I know this will come as a surprise to many of my fans but I just can't be ar$ed any more.

    This all started with the best intentions. A wondrous new technology that would bring peace and prosperity to the world. Yet nigh on a decade later we have nothing.

    Don't get me wrong, I have had much fun on sites like these. ECN was the best by far! You could not ask more from a forum. Dedicated posters with much to share, least of all @maryyugo It was truly a sad day when ECN shutdown. I sometimes still launch the URL in the hope it has started up again. If anything was to bring me out of retirement it would be ECN. Thanks to forums like ECN and LENR Forum, Roger Barker has developed quite the cult following!

    Then there were the odes! Much time I dedicated to crafting these gems. Many were dedicated to the residents of ECN but the Roger Barker has established a thread on LENR Forum as well with some class contributions from regulars here including the admins. I thank all of you for your pearls of wisdom.

    But it wasn't just all fun and odes and the likes. There was serious talk too. The Roger Barker formulated certain principles and precursors for calorimetry, a subject very dear to my heart. Hopefully LENR Forum posters will continue work in this area and build upon what the Roger Barker has done.

    Of course I cannot part without a final ode so here goes it:

    Rossi, with the secret to LENR in a clench

    Our thirst for this knowledge he did not quench

    Though fun we did have here

    And also other forums with cheer

    A particular item the Roger Barker did drench!

    And finally the Roger Barker's identity revealed at last:

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    Good bye all.


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    Haven't you signed off before, only to come back? And I seemed to have missed your serious talk, where you passed on your calorimetry pearls of wisdom. :)

    Bad time to leave BTW, just when the Japanese and NASA are making things interesting. My guess is we will see you again...So au revoir.

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