ASTOUNDED - Atypical Spheromak Triggering Of Unambiguous Nuclear Derived Energy Discharges (Rossi's Mirror Effect Reactor and more!)

  • Here is a good documentary about the Fluxliner. I suspect it enshrouds itself with tiny EVOs that produce a field surrounding the craft that mimic a macro-scale EVO.

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  • @Director While it is possible that EVOs may be generated at Piantelli's rod surface grain boundaries, Piantelli's research suggested to him that the LENR was not occurring in the grain boundaries, but rather within the grains. He believes that the surface adsorbed H- ions were drawn into the "right sized" grains and the resulting energy delivered to the distributed number of atoms within his "right sized" grains behaving in a collective manner. He has a nice SEM and an expensive Bruker micro-XRD system to understand the size and orientations of his Ni surface metal grains. Piantelli would probably disagree that EVOs are complicit in his LENR.

    I have been working on a theory of the vacuum ether that includes an explanation for formation of Shoulders' EVOs. I think this new theory explains a lot of things including photons, phonons, charge clusters, how EM radiation propagates, dark matter, neutrinos, nuclear structure, and I am working out gravitation. There are also some LENR clues as well.

  • Hello Bob,

    I'll probably never be able to put it all together for a formal paper because it is so broad ranging, but I have a tentative theory about this phenomenon bouncing through my head. Here is a tiny part. The fundamental basis is that short duration, powerful impulses (electrical or matter based) cohere and organize the fluctuations of the ZPE field so that electron positron pairs are extracted. This leads in almost every free energy or gravity manipulating technology to spheromak production with a variable portion of the formation energy cost provided by the vacuum. The form factor may vary, but these structures (which in some cases may be composed of more fundamental charge carriers than even electrons) contain stored excess potential energy from the vacuum. Moreover, due to their intense fields, they continue to extract energy from the vacuum. This energy may continually sustain the structure or be the energy supply for emitted radiation in some cases - an EVO as a good example. I agree with Tesla that matter has no energy that is not provided by the environment. By doing things such as creating linear beams of vector potential free of curl or a magnetic component (from at least one perspective) we might even be able to collect excess electrical power due to Lenz Law no longer being applicable. But even in such systems, impulses applied to charged particles may induce self organization into structured plasmoids that can intensify the fields involved, cohere the ZPE field to a greateraI degree, and pump out more energy to our side of the aetheric veil.

  • Bob Greenyer has corrected me - Doh! I was saying that Piantelli professes that it is the H+ ion on the surface that is absorbed and it is the H+ ion that is in the ionic hydride, LiH - IT IS THE H- ion! I knew that - it was just old age kicking in. Thanks Bob G! So, you may see the previous posts edited to correct that mistake and not leave a wrong trail in the record. Of course the mistaken text will not show in the quoted text and I am unable to fix that.

    @Director I don't really agree with your theory, but I commend you for thinking out of the box. I don't think ZPE is required to explain charge clusters, but an understanding of the true nature of the vacuum ether is probably needed.

  • Bob,

    If you could provide an explanation of your theory of the vacuum ether, I'd appreciate it. I've been fascinated with the vacuum ether for a long time. I've came across some fascinating papers that have really helped formulate my perspective. One of these is Don Hotsons (hopefully I'm getting his name right) articles written for Infinite Energy magazine about the electron positron sea. I've also read multiple papers about "Fluidic Electrodynamics" that have really adjusted my thinking. Basically, there are countless analogous features of electrodynamics and hydrodynamics that are directly comparable. This would be impossible unless the scalar potential and magnetic vector potential of Maxwell's ORIGINAL equations (before Heaviside came along) are real physical entities, not just mathematical creations. If you consider that we live in an energy dense aether of "something" (my best theory is electron positron pairs), the concepts of magnetic vector potential (electric field) and the smoke ring like swirls in the wake of the magnetic vector potential (magnetic fields) become less mysterious. With the content of the paper of Fluidic Electrodynamics in mind (will have to dig up the reference sometime for you) combined with the effects produced by Eugene Podkletnov's gravity impulse generator that produces a spheromak plasmoid discharge between a superconducting cathode and a smaller metal anode resulting in a beam of pure force extending for miles, I can no longer accept the notion that the magnetic vector potential isn't a physical reality. So I'm very open to the existence of an ether, and what I've learned (especially in the past few months) has really opened my mind to many new ideas.

  • Not off the top of my head. What are those structures?

    Sorry for the delay. between you and axil posts of late, I was feeling like i'm dragging my feet for nothing. In the past few years I have observed a number of very old and very interesting things on the internet. starting from a single silhouette. After hunting down things like the waffle rock I realized what i was looking at.

    To get a better understanding I started biulding them to see what they would do. After a lot of testing and some reading similar processes, It seems no one has tinkered with this formula.

    Many of these " identified as tombstones ect" are spent particle reactors. I did some destructive testing to learn how the hematite would self align within the design and so on.

    I have started building the smallest and most easily built unit for a show and tell. Just as the photo It has all the functions as described from some of the posts from the two of you.

    8 cathodes rotating magnetic fields and center hub, ect. I would rather not claim any function other then describe the processes and particle mix, hematite, carbon, porcelain ect. When I'm done, I would like to have my peers evaluate.

    Its a hard build and will take time.

    You are welcome to elaborate on the design but for the point "I'm no scientist" This just fell in my lap unexpectedly.


  • Director,

    When your nano diamonds begin to produce lots of EVOs that induce a copious amount of LENR nuclear fusion reactions, isn't it inevitable that the NAE (Nuclear Active Environment) within seconds or minutes will be destroyed by the ensuing high energy radiation thus terminating the reactions?

    And within hours or days the unfortunate demise of the NAE will be probably be shared by the successful but insufficiently protected LENR researcher. Hopefully he will die happy, at least he made it to the history books and to the physics books as well.

    Do you have any idea how to handle these problems?

  • 1) The E-Cat QX, T.H. Morays discharge tubes, and other similar systems that seem to have produced copious small spheromaks from low work function emitters or surfaces have allegedly operated for significant periods without degradation. I suspect there are at least two issues to consider. First, induce the nuclear reactions in such systems AWAY from the emitters so they experience less damage from heating, sputtering, and radiation. This is important. The patent literature describes how various emitters such as micro (sub-millimeter) diameter hollow cathodes can degrade in high current conditions. I think operating in a lower current NON-ARC DISCHARGE regime is critical. I'll be interested in learning if a quark can continue operating for years at a time or if the emitter life time is shorter.

    2) The types of emissions will vary depending on the voltage applied (inducing different kinetic energies), the elements in the plasma, and how the spheromaks are made to produce nuclear effects - compression, ramming into each other, hitting targets, etc. The combination of H and Li in the E-Cat QX probably emits fewer fast neutrons than if deuterium was used. Probably, the emissions are mostly beta particles that don't escape the reactor. I expect some x-rays are also generated. Researchers should use caution and employ radiation detection methods. I'm not overly concerned about this issue. Tesla worked with super high voltage spark discharges and beam tubes for many decades and lived to old age.

  • Here is a facinating military paper describing how a rotating magnetic field can create and stabilize plasmoids (spheromaks).

    I expect this is why Rossi used three phase power in the systems that produced Fulvio's "creatures of light." The rotamak like rotating field would create and sustain spheromaks that would interact with the embrittled fuel to induce nuclear reactions and cycles of fracto-emission and propagating SPPs.

  • Director,

    You are building a Dream Castle in mid-air.

    Eventually you will wake up.

    Until then, enjoy.


  • When your nano diamonds begin to produce lots of EVOs that induce a copious amount of LENR nuclear fusion reactions, isn't it inevitable that the NAE (Nuclear Active Environment) within seconds or minutes will be destroyed by the ensuing high energy radiation thus terminating the reactions?

    Whether the NAE gets destroyed or not, the electron emission properties of the nano-diamond will get immediately snuffed. DLC field emission structures were used in hard vacuum miniature tubes, but never went into manufacture because the accelerated electrons striking the anode knocked loose small positive ions that were back-accelerated to damage/contaminate the DLC, causing rapid degradation in the field emission properties of the DLC film. This happened in an environment that was as clean as it can be made. Inside a discharge LENR system, it is extremely "dirty" in terms of metallic ions that can contaminate a space charge system. Such systems have to be designed to deal with frequent electrical shorting. That is probably Rossi's QX is pulsed, because a pulse must be introduced to evaporate the condensed Li shorting of the electrodes - like melting a Li fuse and then following on with a plasma discharge.

    • Official Post

    For very exiting talk about current state of affairs in standard particle model

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    Especially closing remarks.

    My takeaway: times of old physics scientists are over. Average physicists will be same age as a computer geek. Only at that age you can absorb and take at face value everything you being told.

  • Success begins with a dream. Imagine something impossible and then do it. The best things are invented by those who don't know it can't be done.

    Perhaps, but building your dream on the supposition that Rossi's E-Crap works will be a nightmare and you will be grateful when you (hopefully) wake up from it.

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