Those Darn Russians: EVOs, LENR, Exotic Propulsion, and More.

  • I am just trying to contribute in some way. If Alan's lab were in the USA, I'd be sweeping his floor, washing his labware, and monitoring his tests. After years of watching at a distance, reading, and listening, I'm ready to see this tech proliferate wildly. Thankfully, I think that is going to happen soon if we can get a couple replications, like the LION reactor, that can inspire others.

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    that is going to happen soon

    famous last words?

  • I wish the force was strong with me. I've watched enough Star Wars and science fiction movies to have re-occurring dreams about telekinesis. Instead, so far, I'm just an ordinary Joe with an intense interest in seeing humanity advance forward in huge, bounding leaps rather than slightly more efficient light bulbs or marginally faster computer chips. I think the utilization of EVO technology could result in the next industrial revolution: one that would enable mankind to harness the structures of the vacuum, manipulate matter in anyway we desire, and travel the stars.

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    29 min and on English presentation of JF Geneste ex Airbus at the ball ligtening seminar in Moscow.

    Looks like he is seeking cooperation with Skoltech Corp.

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    Following is the presentation of Klimov (new inflow ru) with updates on different experimental results with cop as high as 6.

    Reports registration of strange radiation using slow neutron detectors and x-ray film wrapped in thin aluminum.

    Very interesting but in Russian

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