MFMP:LFH - LION2 100% Replication well beyond LION1

  • Does his QuarkX look anything remotely like your reactors? Are yours "LED"... I mean plasma based?

    Not at all. there are photos in the Atom -Ecology thread. These are tube furnaces, somewhat like the old lead-shielded early Rossi devices, but without the shielding. As for embarrassment, would not be the first time (if it comes to that) and hopefully would not be the last.

  • The infamous 18-hour test made with presumably the same device in February 2011 was reported to weight 30 Kg, most of which from lead shielding.…cludes-combustion-6421304


    […] “I have also seen inside the reactor device itself – most of the volume is isolation, and most of the weight of about 30 kg is due to lead.”

    He confirmed that the reactor chamber, supposedly containing nickel powder, the secret catalysts and hydrogen gas, had a volume of around one liter. The reactor chamber was the only part he could not inspect.

  • Just so we are all on the same page: This thread started out as Lionsays he replicated himself with even better results. He provided no proof except for a melted reactor lining I believe. He then promised to send both Alan/MFMP one of his fuel tubes 2 months ago (April), so they could replicate. He never did. While they waited, they prepared their own Lion fuel by following his recipe. The results using that fuel were negative.

    Now, I think we are talking about Alan's own separate experiment that has nothing to do with Lion...correct?

  • Shane D.

    LION has been at it since the beginning of 2017 at least, or so he's reported initially by posting photos of nuclear (apparently) particle tracks on dental X-ray film on E-CatWorld. Sometimes Alan Smith has reported on LENR-Forum results and summary methods that LION was reporting to him as a customer of his, but without naming him for obvious privacy reasons.

    Alan&Russ' Androcles experiment series seems LION-inspired but apparently now use catalysts of Russ George's conception that might also be similar to Rossi's.

    I can't help but feel that LION could be "a" new me356 but ... let's apply epoché as Rossi says.

  • Both our group at Looking for Heat and Alan Goldwater have faithfully tried to reproduce the "Lion" experiment multiple times. Lion himself met with us more than once for lengthy meetings where he explained his methods and materials. We found him to be a affable man. Using his instructions several faithful attempts to reproduce his experimetn and measure any effect of heat or radiation failed to do so, both here in London and in California. Indeed the lack of measurable effects in our Lion replications are proving to be useful absolute null experimental data sets, so not all the time and effort was a waste. Lion has gone mysteriously silent and no longer communicates with us. He had promised to provide a reactor tube made by his own hands for February. He repeatedly changed the delivery date of said tube month to month, and now it is no longer spoken of. I for one would never have invested the time, effort, and money to try to replicate his work without the promise of the Lion fueld 'Looking for Heat' reactor tube made by his own hands. Our analysis of his extremly sparse data revealed that he has very little data upon which to base his claims. Or at least data that he has shared. So the term epoché would seem to be appropos, at the very least. Others who have invested the time, effort, and money to replicate Lion's claimed findings have been even more disappointed and said to me 'here are two ways to spell Lion'. Ces't la vie.

  • In a reply to me on ECW (, LION says he intends to send a prebuilt reactor to Alan Smith ... possibly before October.

    If it can be managed I would suggest that it should be a reactor that LION has already fired up at least once and found to work.

    Dang it, now we are his hostages until October. We can't ask too many questions, and those asked have to be supportive, or he will punish us by not sending the reactor. Even if we behave, it still may not be sent...with no explanation provided.

    There must be a playbook somewhere, because I have seen this before.

  • Let's be clear and include the several replications of Lion that have been done in at least two labs thousands of miles apart. Inspite of duplicating apparent physical characteristics of high temperature copper oxidation chemistry that attacks all materials it is in contact with, NO heat, NO radiation, found by the two teams working to faithfully replicate with Lion's assistance and guidance. There is NO hard data to date that supports claims of Lion's having found heat in the 'Looking for Heat' test beds he has worked that included very capable Arduino data collection gear now clearly proven to be able to see heat and with considerable and capable help of the 'Looking for Heat" team. I hope Lion can do better and he surely must do better than to base the anomalous heat claims on characteristics of high temperature metal oxidation chemistry. Lion is to his credit a man who while remaining under the secret name in public has revealed his true identity and met in person with us repeatedly to help our efforts to replicate his work. The moral of this story is about the necessity of solid and sound data sets and data analysis being imperative in this field.