MFMP:LFH - LION2 100% Replication well beyond LION1

  • As far as I'm concerned, if it can be repeated again so the excess heat can be recorded live and on video, it is also proves of spheromak or EVO stimulated LENR. If you notice, the fuel discs are barely effected by the heat. They look almost new! However, material farther away is radically melted and altered. This tells us that the EVOs were not strongly interacting with matter at first and were likely in the "black" state. Only some distance away did they start destabilizing, interact with matter, induce nuclear reactions, and produce heat. Note that the discs had been originally stacked atop each other yet they came apart easily when he tilted the Model T!

  • Another bit of info it provides is that this configuration doesn't depend upon nickel loading or hydrogenation. Instead, the doping of the diamonds is what's vital and allows strange radiation (black EVOs) to spread and produce anomalous heat in materials with no hydrogen content. The quartz tube, for example, that shouldn't start melting until way over 1700C. Although we don't know how long it took to get this device to start self sustaining, there is lots of room for improvement with the doping process. For example, in this case the discs are only briefly exposed to water vapor for seconds as they are quenched. They could easily be exposed to water vapor for longer and or a higher temperature. Also, they could be doped in other ways as well. Or, using a first layer of oxygen (using ozone exposure and a UV light) and then bonding on lithium (allowing lithium vapor in an argone atmosphere to make contact at several hundred degrees) the work function could be further lowered and the dopant layers stabilized for higher temp operation.

  • We do not have sufficient data to say what the COP might beat the moment, but I am optimistic it could be significantly out of the noise.. First plan for LFH is to run a control experiment without treated diamond pads (using plain Ni pads) for an extended period, just to see what happens to the Cu Wire wrapping in the ModelT reactor environment..

  • Alan,

    I am with H-G on this. A bit confused as to where the successful replication was, who did it, and what other than the outer band melting occurred? Leaving for day, and will be back tonight. Sounds very good, but some more details would help fill in the blanks.

  • Well, what is that about LENR that leads to premature excited announcements?

    If this is as exciting as those who are excited think, I'm sure we will get the details soon. But so far all we have is experiments showing dramatic destruction of test samples.

    Even a little context would help...

  • The apparently successful experiment (which is only a replication in that it was part of a series of similar experiments) was carried out by a long-standing (perhaps the very first) customer of LFH at his own premises. We have only an anecdotal account of events during the run, no video, no data logging. Which is very unfortunate. BUT, based on my knowledge of the Model T reactor's behaviour plus the visible evidence of huge amounts of XSH heat generation from 2 experiemtns at least, X-ray film evidence and visible evidence of particle damage to parts of the system and transmutaion, I can confidently state 'something remarkable happened here'. And by the end of February I hope to know exactly what. And how.

  • LENR is REAL - LION2 was a 100% Replication, and it went well beyond LION1 :thumbup:

    Hmmm, sounds familiar. Where have I heard it before? Oh, I remember. Two years ago (Feb 2016), Bob Greenyer declared:

    "the end of the carbon age"

    and said:

    "We did it... We lit the New Fire Together!"

    Of course, the carbon age did not end, but, seven months later (September 2016) Greenyer said:

    "I have devised an absolutely fool proof experiment that will prove inside 2 weeks the reality of LENR indisputably and live and will not need a replication, post verification or any complicated debates to convince doubters. Moreover it will have implications across many scientific disciplines."

    Well, 2 weeks -- 2 years -- 2 decades, it's all the same, isn't it?

  • The Age of the EVO has began.

    Two years ago we had a very incomplete picture of LENR - a jigsaw puzzle of various elements, reactor designs, energetic effects, particle emissions, radiation, and transmutations that didn't fit together well at all. Now, the understanding of ASTOUNDED states has brought together a huge portion of the pieces. The primary driver of LENR phenomena is now apparant. From here, everything gets easier. Perhaps we don't have a GPS unit guiding us to our destination, but a friendly driver we met along the way, Ken Shoulders, along with a few of his friends, have given us a printed road map - even if it is a little faded. This is much better than driving aroundcin circles!

  • Louis Reed

    For all his acknowledged bias, and (believed by some here) poor judgement, Alan is at least rational. So that makes his anecdotal comments more relevant than Bob Greenyer's. And personally I have every confidence that he would not falsely deceive us.

    Which leaves the assessment of evidence, and judgement:

    visible evidence of huge amounts of XSH heat generation from 2 experiemtns at least, (would maybe differ over huge XSH)

    X-ray film evidence (would maybe differ over its significance)

    and visible evidence of particle damage to parts of the system and transmutaion (would maybe differ over whether this was necessarily high energy particle)

    Well, it might be the same. But too early to conclude that without seeing the evidence.

  • The Age of the EVO has began.

    Two years ago we had a very incomplete picture of LENR

    Not according to Greenyer -- the claimant at the time -- who said in March 2016:

    "I will explain all and you will see why I am so certain."

    If this all comes to naught over the next few months, as I expect it will, some time in the future, there will be another claim of definitive proof -- "this time for real" -- and then the present claim will be dismissed because it was incomplete, don't ya know...

  • For all his acknowledged bias, and (believed by some here) poor judgement, Alan is at least rational. So that makes his anecdotal comments more relevant than Bob Greenyer's. And personally I have every confidence that he would not falsely deceive us.

    I don't know who wrote the "LENR is real" claim above, but I suspect it wasn't Alan, given the caution he displays when he says only "something remarkable happened here". My post was directed at the confident declaration, not the cautious observation.

  • The MFMP found that many strange radiation may be caused by some kind of high-energy particles phenomenon.

    Lower density NaI and CsI scintillators are not suitable for detecting energetic particles.

    Array detectors made of high-density LYSO or BGO scintillator detectors may find some clues.

  • What is the evidence for the glass collar that surrounds the reactor melting? I haven't seen any. I don't see, for instance, any place where glass has maleted then pooled. The figure of 1700C that everyone is throwing around and drawing extensive deductions from is a melting temperature i.e., where glass becomes molten. Lots of changes can occur in glass at temperatures far far below 1700C.

  • Agreed Bruce. Nobody is talking about the Quartz (not common soda or borosilicate glass ) melting into a puddle, but on the cracked away edges there is one spot which seems to show softening- and 1700C is the alleged softening point of this particular manufacturer's material. But this is subject to independent confirmation, as is the whole darn show, and that is what I am hoping to be able to do.

  • I have hopes that this experiment is producing some genuine XH results. The doubt overhang from any association with red pill / blue pill looms large - a truly independent 3rd party assessment (a qualified / credentialed scientific sceptic) is a requirement for this to move into the realm of the believable.

  • Forget red pills and blue pills - look at history and a century of experimentation instead. All of what we are seeing has been observed before both during various events and experiments over the last 100 plus years. Kenneth Shoulders, who no one can deny was a brilliant, skilled, and experienced engineer and inventor, worked for two decades to get to the bottom of this phenomenon - even if his ultra cautious tendencies hindered his progress to larger and more powerful systems. Studying his papers is a great start; moreover, they include search terms and names that can direct you to the mouth of a deep rabbit hole of his predecessors, many of whom pushed these effects to extreme levels. I've been studying the whole EVO nexus many hours a day, sometimes 12-16 hours a day before going to sleep in the early morning, for maybe for four months now. Every day almost I come across a fascinating new twist or connection. Unless you are willing to put in the time, the depth and breadth of this phenomena will allude you. This isn't like studing Ohms law in a printed copy of "Electronics for Dummies." Instead, it is like sitting at a library desk and having armloads of manuscripts, books, and articles dumped before you. The reading isn't light. However, it begins addictive, fast.

  • Director - the cred impact by multiple premature eurekas and the deeply damaging RP/BP incident from last summer must be credibly overcome. I'll note that It has traditionally been helpful to correlate to the fund raise energy gauge at the same time. Perhaps this time it will be different.

    Separately, I believe that Shoulders will ultimately go down in history as a hero scientist.

  • Dewey,

    Nice to hear you say that! Shoulders would appreciate it looking down from the afterlife.

    I hope you are journeying down the same rabbithole I am, or at least a neighboring tunnel. If so, I'm pretty sure you understand how broad the connections are between EVOs and wide array of anomalies. We obviously don't have the the majority of nitty gritty mechanisms worked out, but these force free plasmoids at least on the macro-scale are understood to a significant extent. Connecting that know how with Shoulders results and cross referencing the same phenomena with all the other descriptive terms invented over the last century (erzions, spiral toroids, compact toroids, micro-ball lightning, ectons, high density charge clusters, force free plasmoids, vactoids, plasmaks, the misnomer magnetic monopole or subluminal tachyons, and a half dozen others at least) a stunning reality starts to sink in. There is enough material for a team of researchers to study for years. And at the core, there is likely - in my opinion - a truly paradigm shattering tech more disruptive than most people can imagine. But in this case, with this specific phenomena, change is good!

  • I am captivated by the observation that the alumina insolation of the reactor shows an e-field of 140 volts per meter when that insolation is positioned on the table and drops to 5 volts/meter when moved under the table. The way Bob left this observation is that the table was somehow producing the static charge that the alumina was picking up.

    But if the alumina is producing static charge up to 140 v/m, that charge would be maintained by the alumina during the move to and from the tables surface. It looks like the e-field is generated by a dynamic process based on its location on the table and changes when it is moved. for example, a charge of a capacitor does not change when the capacitor is moved,

    The fuel also shows the generation of an e-field of about 33 v/m.

    Is this e-field generation a general property of alumina that always appears? It it is, I wouldn't have expected this property to manifest.

    Does e-field generation occur only when it is activated by the reactor?

    Is this intrinsic property of alumina for e-field production important in getting the reactor to function?

    Has the reactor changed the alumina in a way that give it a new property as some sort of e-field antenna?

    Is e-field generation by the alumina sensitive to light, before it was used in the reactor or only after its use?

    While Alan is waiting for more data from Bob, he might test the alumina insulation to see how alumina that has not been used as insulation for the reactor behaves to produce a baseline for normal behavior of that material. He should try to get virgin alumina to behave as seen after it is used in the reactor. If he can do this, I will be shocked.

    See as follows:

    Am I wrong to expect that if a wire to ground is connected to the alumina, that a current should flow through that wire if the initial e-field is 140 V/M?

    If current does flow, will the alumina be discharged permanently like a capacitor, or will that charge reformulate. If the e-field is eventually established when located on the table, how long does the e-field take to reappear?

    If the e-field does reapperat, how much power can be extracted from the alumina per fixed timeframe?

    Can the table be used as a power source? :)

  • I think the e-field effect observed could be some kind of resonance/reflection.

    The reactor is made of different types of metal so when there is some signal near it it will work as a reflector or resonator = antenna.

    I have the feeling there is something like a wifi or a cellphone connection and the reactor just alternates this field.

    This also explains why the amplitude of the field changes when he is turning the reactor.

    While changing the position of the reactor he changes the polarisation and/or direction of the "antenna"/reactor so the reactor reflects/resonates the signal better than before.

    By moving it under the table he is moving the reactor/"antenna" out of the signal so there is nothing to see anymore.