US Navy (SPAWAR)/Global Energy Corporation/LENR

  • As NASA plays a part in roll-out of this Navy CMNS technology keep an eye on this space. One way is to Google "NASA Booz Allen Hamilton 2020" for insight. Better than just 2020 hindsight.

    I've been following this space since they 'placed' to the second round of a NASA Mars Habitat contest. The BAH entry concept included a cold fusion reactor to power the habitat and construction process. Booz Allen has been watching the "cold fusion ecosphere" for as long as any of us. They are prepared for full use of LENR energy systems.

    "Booz Allen Hamilton will play a major role in the transfer of advanced U.S. CMNS technology and applied engineering to industry." -gbgoble2020

    "Since we assisted with NASA’s founding 60 years ago, Booz Allen has helped further the U.S. space mission—from working on the theoretical strategy for Apollo 11 to systems engineering for the International Space Station. Happy Space Day from all of us." (at Booz Allen):