US Navy (SPAWAR)/Global Energy Corporation/LENR

  • Shane D.

    I think so too, that there is an interesting story to be told but it may not be what you hope for. I found this in a way back search:

    What is interesting is that it was here:  but now, that link returns a 404 error. Generation five? Working on it with the US Navy for twenty years? And the Navy knows it works and has done nothing further? And this was all in 2013? And nothing since? Does that make any sense if the thing is not a scam and actually works? And all the above-mentioned "important people" know about it? They couldn't wield enough influence to get funding?

  • @snoopy, if you have a strong suspicion that it is a scam, you can reach out to the people purported to be on the board of directors and ask if they were affiliated with the venture at any point, and if they're no longer affiliated, why they left.

    Also, corporate records should show whether the venture is still incorporated and who the current board are. (Unless the venture is privately held, in which case I have no idea what will be in the public domain.)

    These details won't clear the air on whether there is/was a scam or not, but it's interesting information to have.

  • Eric Walker

    I have no evidence that it is a scam. I just found some major inconsistencies in how this story should have developed.

    But reaching out is a good idea. Didn't Alan Smith write that he knows many of the principals? Maybe he'd be nice enough to ask around.

  • Dewey Weaver

    They are probably fine people but the question proposed here is whether they or the company they seem to be associated with have really developed a reactor which can clean up radioactive wastes while producing virtually endless power and energy economically. And that part seems sketchy.

    "Was a reactor ever built?" and "Did it work and how was it tested?" seem to be fair questions at this point, 5 years after the company and some of its principals claimed to be in the 5th. generation of the device!

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    JWK International is a very respected company that has been in business since 1973. GEC and JWK are joined at the hip, with Khim the CEO of both, and Forsley working for both. I just do not see them running a scam, or doing anything dishonest like that within a successful corporation. just does not make sense, and for that matter it would be very difficult to pull off. Like I said, Khim was going to provide the Genie free, and only charge them for the power. In other electricity, no pay. That is not usually how dishonest people do it. So I think it safe to rule out anything like that.

    Not that that makes the GEC story make anymore sense. That is why Greg and Ruby keep bringing it to our attention. How could they have a turn key technology ready to ship to Guam, then just disappear off the radar after the contract was reneged on, only to resurface recently working with NASA?

    It is a head scratcher for sure, and certainly someone out there could explain it all, but won't, or can't. They may even read this, and wish like hell they could say something. LENR is loaded with these type mysteries, and for each there is someone who has the answers. Maybe one day when, or if LENR breaks out and becomes accepted by mainstream, Nobel's talked of, those [people in the know will come forward and fill in the missing pieces.

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    I did not see much change on GEC since long...

    I'm afraid the venture is dead or frozen.

    AS reported here about a year ago, that the GEC website was dead. After that, surprisingly, it came alive again. Go figure. Maybe they read LF? If not they should IMO. :)

    That said Alain, the GEC venture probably is dead as you say, but their Genie reactor technology appears to be alive and well within NASA Glenn Research in Cleveland, Ohio. I just can not see how not, considering you have NASA's earliest FPs replicator Fralick, JWK/GEC's main scientist Forsley, who in a bombshell report yesterday, married SPAWARS former main LENR scientist Pamela Boss-Bosely, who was SPAWARs main LENR pioneer, all now working together in Cleveland? Along with an Arxiv paper, and USPTO patent app that enshrines the Genie technology also?

  • Lively interest and discussion. Most seem to seek to establish an informed opinion, that's good. A few clearly think GEC claims are true, I am one. Few and little sound arguments towards being a scam. I look forward to more discussion and reading shared leads (thanks for them).

    Since Guam fell through GEC expanded and continues pursuing their plans. The GEC website changed last year with a new URL, definitely not dead in the water. U.S. NASA LENR tech and SPAWAR LENR tech are different systems.

    PineScie is a different pursuit, separate from GEC... I see collaboration, theoretical support, and development of various LENR reactor types by NASA, PineScie, GEC, and other spinoff companies. Where the Widom/Larson theory and Lattice Energy, LLC sit now I am not sure... on the sidelines?

    ON Topic, "GEC is currently negotiating several new SMG construction contracts ranging from 250MWe to 5GWe around the world." Are these claims truthful, or most likely truthful, or a scam?

    Didn't Forsley and DeChiaro write some PowerPoint slides together? Might be a wrong. But I maybe recall seeing their names together somewhere.

    Yes... from the review. Technological superiority in LENR energy seen as a matter of national security.

    2009 November Defense Intelligence Agency (LENR report) DIA-08-0911-003

    With contributions from: Dr. Patrick McDaniel, University of New Mexico; Dr. Pam Mosier-Boss, U.S. Navy SPAWAR/Pacific; Dr. Michael McKubre, SRI International; Mr. Lawrence Forsley, JWK International; and Dr. Louis DeChiaro, NSWC/Dahlgren. Coordinated with DIA/DRI, CPT, DWO, DOE/IN, US Navy SPAWAR/Pacific and U.S. NSWC/Dahlgren,VA.

    Guam itself... it's just one big naval base really

    Great place to build the first series of SMG GeNie commercial reactors out of the public eye, which would have been completed by now. The new governor did not learn about the GEC Guam sign-off until after the impeachment of Fitial. By the by, Guam suffered the Bikini tests fallout; good reason to distrust radioactive nuclear.

    from review: Impeached Governor Inked Secret Deal to Construct Fast Breeder Reactor Enformable Nuclear News, March 25th 2013

    Quote- On August 28th, 2012, while Governor Fitial was in the United States for the Republican National Convention, an impeachment resolution was filed in the Northern Mariana Islands House of Representatives, which accused the governor of multiple felonies, multiple acts of public corruption, and neglecting official duties. It was even included in the impeachment filed that the governor had allowed a federal prisoner released in order to bring him to the governor’s private mansion to give him a massage.

    It is now being discovered that former governor Fitial and then Attorney General Edward Buckingham signed a deal in June of 2012, which would’ve constructed nuclear power plant in partnership with Global Energy Corporation. The deal was only discovered last week by newly elected Governor Eloy S. Inois, who assumed his post on February 20th of this year, even though since August of last year the Saipan Tribune had been questioning the Fitial administration about rumors of a possible nuclear energy agreement, but had been stonewalled in response.

    According to the dates on the document, Fitial and Buckingham signed off on the nuclear energy document around the time GEC scientists and officials, including CEO Dr. Jay W. Khim, visited Saipan during June of 2012. -end quote

    "Was a reactor ever built?" and "Did it work and how was it tested?"

    They state the Navy has perfected, built and tested it. National security would require that the Navy be ahead of the game on LENR energy before releasing it for GEC commercialization. Guam, being out of the LENR community sight and public eye would have supported and furthered that lead.

    I did not see much change on GEC since long...

    I'm afraid the venture is dead or frozen.

    Not often I disagree with you AlainCo, consider the reason you do not see much change on GEC is that they are fairly secretive, preferring to operate out of the public eye. I'm afraid GEC is launching this advanced LENR energy technology in multiple locations right now.

  • Thanks Ahlfors,

    Correct me if I'm wrong, the contributions you've made strengthen the validity of GEC's claims, your opinion is these claims are truthful.

    I am an amatuer scientific research investigative journalist, with very little formal education, interested in 'cold fusion' and all related arts of science. A voracious reader, I like to say I have an abstract education due to the large amount of LENR patents and research papers I read.

    This one, however, is looking at the effects of a beam of 2 MeV photons, which are energetic enough to be well outside of the scope of LENR.

    Eric mentions PineScie energetic photons being too high to be LENR.

    The way I see it though is, high energy nuclear physics phenomena are also taking place alongside the transmutation (weak force) low energy nuclear reaction events.

    Within the miniature (nano) molecular magnetic cyclotron of the low energy nuclear reactive environment nuclear particles can reach high energy states well over 2 MeV.

    Nano particles are super fluid within which harmonics can focus energies, standing waves, vortices, affected magnetic fields and electrons propagating, electron cascades, surface plasmons, muon production/decay, series transmutation... with all this (and more) going on there are times when only two hydrogen atoms fuse (not 4 or 10... only two), causing within that monoatomic space temperatures as hot as the sun. The atomic density, and the absorbance, absorption coefficient of the liquid metallic superfluid lattice converts that fusion energy into more lattice energy (both thermal and electric currents) and plasma.

    LENR is a Nano Effect more than a 'Rossi Effect' (I think he knows this)

    Thanks for the links... the review will be added to throughout 2018 as new things come in.

    This is interest in little understood neutron loading of the nucleus.


    Workshop on Science at LERF

    Friday, March 17, 2017

    Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

    Newport News, VA

    title "Isotopes at LERF" by Douglas Wells, New Mexico Tech

    Professor and V.P. for Academic Affairs Nuclear Physics…n/3/material/slides/0.pdf

  • Photons at 2 MeV have adequate energy to participate in nuclear phenomena, a well-known result of mainstream physics. There is the further challenge of producing those 2 MeV photons, which come from a LINAC (linear particle accelerator) in this case, and not LENR.

    In all things LENR it is important to keep track of the energies involved. Once we have photons above the low 100's keV (or even lower?), we're out of LENR and into mainstream nuclear physics. There may be interesting results to be found in this part of the parameter space that are not yet known to physics, but we'd have a hard time arguing that they're LENR.

    This is somewhat independent of one's understanding of LENR, i.e., whether it involves 2 MeV photons at the nano level. Even if one could make a case that that is what is going on in LENR (I don't see how), it is crucial in journalism to separate one's speculative understanding of something from what is being reported.

    There was a second paper from the same group, however, that was investigating phenomena plausibly in the scope of LENR, if I recall.

  • This fantasy site is totally void of useful information:

    Lawrence Forsley is introduced as a Professor.

    Can't see anything about that here:

    Maybe PROF. means that he masters Forth at a professional level?

    Here is a silly patent:

    "Generated particles may be captured by other nuclei to create new elements, to remediate nuclear waste, to treat cancerous tumors, or to create strategic materials. Previous efforts to create a reproducible method and corresponding system to generate particles during electrolysis of palladium in heavy water have been unsuccessful."

    The first sentence is nothing but alchemy and quackery whereas the second sentence makes good sense.

    And here is an even sillier patent application:

    A taster:

    "2. A hybrid nuclear fusion fast fission reactor as claimed in claim 1 wherein said cathode wound around said fuel element acts as a neutron generator and said cathode is comprised of a composition of the non-deuteriding series selected from the group consisting of platinum, gold, mercury, lead and bismuth."

    The above quotes are just wild extrapolations from some contested pits on CR-39 chips.

    Of course there is not and never will be a reactor based on this crap.

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    NASA must feel differently than you about Forsley, and maybe even the Genie technology. Point is that they have brought he, his wife formerly of SPAWAR, several Cleveland area academic institutions, along with this Vladimr Pines of PineSci, together and so far they have a paper out on Arxiv, and a patent application. Their tech may be wholly LENR, or maybe just related, but considering Gustave Fralick from NASA -one of the first to replicate FPs, is on the team, SPAWAR/JWK have a history of LENR work, I would guess it has something to do with LENR,

    It also appears they are setting up for a real life application of the technology.