What does 'O'-day stand for?

  • If the universe can be reduced to mathematics, all deep truths must be expressed in terms of mathematics. What that means is that the only way to prove that the universe can be reduced to mathematics would be a mathematical proof of this fact, starting from basic axioms. Any other argument would be dealing with epiphenomenal fluff.

  • I have discovered a new intellectual play-toy that is providing endless fascination that I am sure that nobody that frequence this site understands and yet it is a critical component of the standard model of particle physics. It is currently the subject of much study by real science and the applications of this subject might be termed mystical for those who don't understand the rules that govern it.

    Particle chirallity can override charge. Protons and electrons can be pulled apart when the chirallity of those particles are polarized. An electric current can flow if the chirallity of particles change. The position of nanoparticles can produce chiral electromagnetic fields that cause the coulomb barrier to be weakened or disappear completely.



    the surface of silicon can be structured to produce light that can make electric current flow is different directions.

    The position of objects can reduce the mass of other objects at a distance or make objects disappear.

    It's not so much of having an open mind but learning new rules that can be utilized to engineer the things we want to happen.

  • https://www.nature.com/articles/524008b

    Particle physics: Only left-handed particles decay

    There was a LENR experiment that was hard to accept but I beleive I know now how it happens.

    If a unstable isotope is placed near a crystal of mica, then the decay rate of that isotope will change.

    Mica is a chiral filter that only lets particles of a certain chirality to pass through. This includes photons. These chiral polarized particles produce chiral polarization in the atoms of the isotope. This atomic handedness adjustment changes the way that the weak force acts on the nucleus of the isotope so that it will decay faster or slower as a function of the average chirallity of the atoms of the isotope.


    This effect also applies to the chiral magnetic fields produced by SmCo7 magnets.

  • I think that Bob believes that the toroidal entities he thinks are responsible for the LENR phenomena in LION are evoked by the mind through some sot of psychokinesis.

    If so, O'day could be disappointing. Let's hope there is something more to it.

    Someone linked to an article by some Physicist about 6 months ago, who said about the same thing regarding Rossi: He is one of those special 1%ers who have this psychic energy field, and it is that which makes he, and he alone able to make the Ecat work. You need everything else, the fuel, reactor, power, etc. but the final ingredient was ethereal. Digging in the bottom of the credibility barrel, if you have to resort to that kind of stuff to believe in LENR...if you ask me.

    Other than that, there were some very interesting comments today on this thread. Thought provoking to say the least. Thanks to AG/Bruce for kicking it off.

  • This picture shows the diamond after the month long deuterium soak. A facet plane appears that happened to be horizontal to the disc. This view enables a look at higher magnification of surface features with some depth of field. The result in this image is pretty cool, lots of tiny tetrahedral crystals growing out of the surface. The smallest ones visible are around 1 micron, and because of the wide range of dimension seen, there are likely to be many sub-micron ones as well.

    Axil, please don't cross-post my images without attribution. You also mis-quoted the details from my original post: the diamond pads have only been in D2O for two weeks, NOT "the month-long Deuterium soak".

    Really, you should be following standard "good practice" by only posting a link to my original, especially since it appeared in another thread on this forum:

    The LION experiment


  • I thought that MDMP was open source.

    I posted a ton of pictures and video from Bob on the LION experiment thread and got no blow back. Any reader who reads this or the LION experiment thread knows that the source material is coming from MFMP. I though that you were too occupied with experimentation to concern yourself with outreach. Now that I know that you will make sure that MFMP is well represented on this site as it should be, I will mind my own bisiness