What does 'O'-day stand for?

  • This picture shows the diamond after the month long deuterium soak. A facet plane appears that happened to be horizontal to the disc. This view enables a look at higher magnification of surface features with some depth of field. The result in this image is pretty cool, lots of tiny tetrahedral crystals growing out of the surface. The smallest ones visible are around 1 micron, and because of the wide range of dimension seen, there are likely to be many sub-micron ones as well.

    Axil, please don't cross-post my images without attribution. You also mis-quoted the details from my original post: the diamond pads have only been in D2O for two weeks, NOT "the month-long Deuterium soak".

    Really, you should be following standard "good practice" by only posting a link to my original, especially since it appeared in another thread on this forum:

    The LION experiment


  • I thought that MDMP was open source.

    I posted a ton of pictures and video from Bob on the LION experiment thread and got no blow back. Any reader who reads this or the LION experiment thread knows that the source material is coming from MFMP. I though that you were too occupied with experimentation to concern yourself with outreach. Now that I know that you will make sure that MFMP is well represented on this site as it should be, I will mind my own bisiness