LENR is occurring in SAFIRE

  • A rather long live chat between Monty Childs and several parties. Have gone 15 minutes into it and thought it’s entirely worth sharing it here.

    That was the most annoying interview I've ever watched. The host interrupted Monty so many times I'm surprised he didn't leave. My opinion of Monty has went up though. My opinion of him was already good (A grade), but now it's A++. If he can tolerate a host interjecting nonsense that many times he should be granted literal saint hood by the pope.

  • After watching the recent Monty live stream the whole idea of self organising plasmas and pico-scale structures that want to move in a manner that releases harmless products, seems super cool. I think I realise why he says this is beyond LENR/cold fusion. There are chemical and strange resonant electrical phenomina that are key to what's going on, maybe. This is leading to emergent nuclear pathways. Like was said comparing different forms of electrolysis with different levels of efficiency.

    I'm also glad the comments that were asking if matter came from nothing, or about gravity manipulation were shut down. Whether those are possible or not is not relevant, and distracts from a smooth "mainstreamable" approach. SAFIRE joins whatever Suncell is to LENR. We seem to want a simple linear nuclear pathway or formula. But this is an emergent phenomina like organic consciousness/intelligence (obviously simpler than this), or a multi-variable symbiotic relationship.

    With all the transmutation of elements going on in SAFIRE, where does all the energy go? There should have been thousands of megawatts generated.

    A few pretty matter-energy-matter reactions possibly. Really exhaust the simpler theories before going to aether/ZPE as a reason. I'm thinking atomic hydrogen could be synthesized as a stable matter product in stead of the expected entropic energy?

  • LeBob synthetize as you said monoatomic hydrogen remains easy much more than prolonging its life's duration.

    We need some tricks to that,, help of secret catalysts for example.

    Probably, what I was trying to say was that synthesizing atomic hydrogen can absorb a lot of production that would be predicted. Matter is quite dense in energy, a megawatt could be converted into mass production instead of thermal energy. You get higher than expected quantities of hydrogen.

    Probably it's like fractions. If the smallest stable mass unit is 34 then an energy production of 37 = 1 H atom and 3/34ths an atom's equivalent in energy. A built in safety feature to absorb the rate of release. Stable results are what is preferred, whole peices instead of penetrating fragments, like what Greenyer proposed once. Lol that's my college algebra level guess.