Abd ul-Rahman Lomax on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast

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    Abd ul-Rahman Lomax on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast

    Abd ul-Rahman Lomax created the blog coldfusioncommunity.net and spent the bulk of 2017 using it to document the Andrea Rossi-Industrial Heat lawsuits.

    In episode 09 of the Cold Fusion Now! podcast, he talks with Ruby about the dream partnership that ended with suspicion and the drama of a Miami, Florida trial court.

    Abd ul-Rahman Lomax sat in Richard Feynman’s lectures at Cal Tech in 1961 through 1963. In 2009, he began challenging Wikipedia about their bias regarding cold fusion. Since then, he’s been involved in the cold fusion/LENR field. He was published in the 2015 special LENR issue of Current Science journal on the correlation of excess heat and the production of helium with the paper Replicable cold fusion experiment: heat/helium ratio [.pdf].

  • So Abd doubles-down on his claim that IH is working with Swartz, and also chucks Letts into the mix. Someone from Purdue too, apparently.

    Many Tshayniks get Hakn’d at Rossi v Darden. Also rumours are mentioned that Texas/SKINR are currently withholding ‘good news’.

    Rumours that Abd requested the Feynman reference are possibly entirely scurrilous.

  • Zeus,

    Been busy and have to listen later. Thx for summation.

    I think Jed said the same thing about SKINR, and Ahlfors uncovered some evidence Seashore Research Company (Duncan's Texas Tech LENR lab) is active. The Purdue University connection may be Prof Kim? IH paid him some good money.

  • Those Rossi believers who do not like to read, or hear any facts about the Rossi/IH suit, Doral and the day in court they settled, should just skip to minute :33. The remaining 6 minutes are as Zeus already described. And yes, that "Purdue theoretician" would be Kim. Hopefully he (Abd) does go to Texas Tech/Seashore Research as he hopes, and brings back a progress report from Dr. Duncan.

    Ruby's series of interviews have covered the state of LENR science/research from several insiders perspectives, the field as seen by a Patent Attorney, and now Abd adds his observations about Rossi/IH. He does a good job keeping it objective (admits to liking the man), short (for him :) ) and factual. Something that needed to be said IMO.

  • Abd has pointed out he said in the podcast that Hagelstein is working with IH, not Swartz. He also reckons he hasn’t linked Swartz to IH previously - in which case, I misinterpreted this:

    Abd wrote:

    Few would buy it [Swartz’s NANOR], if any, but IH might — and, in fact, I would not be surprised to find out that they have already arranged independent testing. They are working with Hagelstein and the connection between Hagelstein and Swartz is close enough that Hagelstein would not talk with me, because Swartz. He did not explain, but it was obvious.

    And predictably, Abd Ul-Prolixity wasted two paragraphs arguing that my use of the term “currently withholding good news” is vastly and outrageously different to his preferred euphemism: "not yet talking about good news”... Still sounds like the same thing to me though.

    And no Abd, that wasn’t me writing on 'your' rationalwiki talkpage. It’s probably someone trying to goad you into an argument so they can ban your latest sock account. I have zero interest in wiki-fiddling.

    Although last time I claimed someone was impersonating me (on CFC.net, no less), I was attacked and repeatedly called a liar by His Lordship, so I guess we’ll see what happens this time...

    I also take umbrage with the following:

    Lomax wrote:

    Rossi v. Darden, far from being useless noise, revealed a great deal that was, previously, secret and obscure. Those who only want to make brief smart-ass comments, though, and who don’t put in what it takes to review the record, will indeed end up with nothing useful.

    Which seems to imply that I have taken 'nothing useful' from the Rossi v Darden case. Which is actually probably true, as the only thing that was really 'revealed' was that Rossi is FOS, and that didn't take a genius to deduct, even before the pre-trial hearings started (Perhaps Abd would like to list his Top Three Previously Obscure Facts, if he disagrees with that statement).

    At best, all the trial revealed was ‘a great deal of previously secret and obscure useless noise'. Quite why it deserved 30+ mins of jaw flapping, compared to <10mins for the rest of IH's investments, Texas/SKINR, and the heat vs. helium topic is beyond me.

    PS. It turns out the allegedly scurrilous rumour about the shovelling of the well-worn Feynman anecdote into the podcast was 100% true! ...Who would have thought!


  • Zeus,

    Yes, Hagelstein and Swartz have been joined at the hip since birth. :) Talk to one, and the other may answer. Understandable mix-up.

    I do agree with Abd in that he has not linked Swartz to IH before. No one has for that matter. But it is in the Rossi/IH court documents somewhere, that IH flew Hagelstein to North Carolina for consultations about H loading, so no mystery to that connection.