• My guess is that LeClair's cavitation reactor produced radioactive byproducts

    I am sure that Russ is aware of the possibility of a radioactivity sting..perhaps a few calculations on lethality might b good to have at hand.

    Mosier-Boss's experience with a biased reviewer is salutary

    Reviewer B: Authors should be glad they’re not dead

    ""The authors reported a“DTfusionflux of 1.25–2.5n/cm2/s”which leads to a fullbodydose of 2×107 secondary DT neutrons per hour. The flux of the primary DD fusion will thus be many orders of magnitude above and beyond the lethal dose. A person spending one hour (in fact considerably less than one hour) in the vicinity of the apparatus will suffer severe radiation sickness and will die shortly afterward.

    The author should be thankful for not discovering DT fusion and in any case there is no place for such a low quality research in the pages of …[this Journal]… or for that matter in any scientific publication that adheres to a minimum standard of quality.

    Our response to Reviewer B:

    No lethal neutron flux reported

    The Journal did not give us the opportunity to refute the comments made by reviewerB.Wewilltakethatopportunity now. Reviewer B erroneously states the DD fusion rate should be many orders of magnitude greater than the DT fusion rate. In fact, the fusion cross-section over a wide variety of ion energies is 100 times greater for DT fusion than DD fusion [16]. The referee advocated the ‘dead graduate student’ argument first publicized by John Huizenga the head of the 1989 ERAB panel charged with investigating cold fusion claims. In the submitted paper we measured the integrated DT neutron flux as 1.25–2.5 n/cm2/s. The CR-39 detectors are 4 cm2 in area. So the total number of neutrons per hour, at most, is 3.6 × 104 and not 2 × 107, as the referee stated. It is not clear how the referee calculated over 500 times our reported value. An integrated neutron radiation dose of 6 Gy is considered lethal [25]. This is equivalent to 6000 REM.b For neutrons with energies between 10 and 30 MeV, the integrated number of neutrons per square centimeter equivalent to a dose of 1 REM is 1.4 × 107 n/cm2 [26]. For the entire Pd/D co-deposition experiment (typically two weeks), the total number of neutrons per square centimeter is 3.024×106 n/cm2. This is equivalent to a total dose of 0.216 REM, which is far below the lethal limit for neutron exposure. Even if we use the referee’s erroneous value of 2 × 107 n/cm2/hr, a neutron dose over a two-week period of 480 REM is still far below the lethal limit of 6000 REM.

  • We have no concerns about this- we are not dealing with biased remote viewers quoting wrong figures from an armchair, but real experts with high-class instrumentation up close and personal. The story above is a re-hash of the old ' If it works as you say, where are the dead graduate students?' An argument which shows just how warped the old peer-review system is, and why we are not bothering. I don't know much about Nanospire, but I do know what we have is nowhere near dangerous, even if dangerously interesting, and more importantly none of our visitors consider it risky either.

  • I disagree. The powers that be can make any technology vanish if they so desire.

    I do not think so. It is not like they can order Bill Gates to stop funding research. Even if they did, he would move it to some other country. In any case, they have never attempted to make cold fusion vanish. I do not think they could do so now. Knowledge of it is too widespread. I have handed out 4.4 million documents about it, to every country on earth.

    I doubt anything of importance about cold fusion is secret, with the possible exception of the work in this thread by Smith and George. Generally speaking, other secrets that have been revealed to me were either mistakes or common knowledge that the author thought was secret. Most of the one-of-a-kind claims and extraordinary claims in cold fusion are mistakes. Only replicated experiments can be trusted.

    They don't have to admit anything. When they make you sign a secrecy document,

    They can't "make you" sign anything, unless you work for the government. No cold fusion researchers work for the government or have any government funding as far as I know. They have all retired. Furthermore, U.S. officials have absolutely no authority over Mizuno or researchers in Italy, Russia or China. If they tried to stop research in the U.S., it would only move it offshore. More to the point, no U.S. agency will go on record saying that cold fusion is consequential or that it must be stopped for some reason, because that can only mean it is real. If they said that, thousands of mainstream scientists from the DoE and MIT would attack them for promoting lunacy and fraud. (Those scientists know nothing about cold fusion, but they think they do.) In other words, as I said, any attempt to interfere would legitimize the field and would produce a flood of funding. It would probably be the best news we can hope for.

    There is simply no basis for a government agency to suppress research that every agency, every official, Nature the DoE and everyone else has declared a mistake. That is a matter of public record in official pronouncements and mass media articles. If it is a mistake it cannot be dangerous or consequential. It cannot be the concern to any regulator, because low energy nuclear reactions are physically impossible. It would be like banning ESP or magic spells. The attacks against cold fusion are an inoculation against interference.

    If it becomes generally known that cold fusion is real, some agency might try to stop it. I am sure the fossil fuel industry will spend tens of millions to try to stop it. But it will be far too late for that, because other people will be spending much greater sums trying to develop it. Industry often tries to stymie progress, but they are always too late. They don't see a threat until it is established and it is starting to hurt them. The coal industry, for example, tried to make wind turbines illegal in the U.S. in the 1990s. It was already too late.

  • Wrong emphasis. Swap 'unlimited etc.' for 'totally non-polluting abundant cheap energy' and i would agree with you 100%. Unlimited is not necessarily a good thing.

    But, in the long run we are all dead, and anyway in 1000, years when the deposits end for your mixture we'll have definitely moved on from this technology to something more robust.

  • I hope this is not off topic here. But I thought Wyttenbach would find it interesting.

    (Feel free to move it to a more appropriate thread if appropriate.)

    But this is interesting I think:…hat-could-explain-reality…nderpin-physics-20180720/

    Quarternians are often considered in rotational systems.

    This particular work considers Octonions.

    I wonder if Cohl Furey has considered spin, resonance and how it expresses in external physical forms. It seems to me she does if she is using it to explain the resonances we associate with the forces and particles expressed in the standard model. I like that it can maybe reconcile so called strong and EM forces etc too. I need to read further I guess and perhaps be patient.

    This is her paper published in the European Physical Journal C:…lltext.pdf?subformat=pdfa

    Her work sounds very interesting to me. I wonder if she would consider applying her work to LENR models?

    Would love to see a melding if this and Wyttenbach’s ideas. And how it relates to SO(4) and SO(6) symmetries etc. I have a sense it might fit and even be logical consequence at some fundamental level.

    Edit: The more a look more interesting it looks. Very curious now if Wyttenbach is aquainted with her.

    Edit2: axil coincident related post here is also interesting as usual with Axil with some interesting additional insight:

    A not so distant mirror...

    Bob will like this: Octonions are represented by the capital letter O.

  • Quarternians are often considered in rotational systems.

    This particular work considers Octonions.

    Quaternions have nice properties (for SO(4)) to explain certain relation between frequency (Energy) in one dimension to the total Energy. But what all the physicists do is trying to find more information for their rotten SO(3)xSO(2)xU(1) standard model math that obviously lacks higher symmetry. If they would restart with octonions and forget their old stuff then they really could find some better model, but it's the other way round: Use right math to fix wrong model...

  • Wyttenbach yup I’m not a theoretical physicist but conceptually (at my much lower level) I sense you are right. There is a beauty and simplicity to symmetry and that to me is a good Indicator of being in the right track theoretically.

    Rather than starting with the resonances associated with the standard model they should try to understand how those resonance come about or are projected (not just from top down approach but from bottom up considerations as well). I also feel that higher symmetry is key especially if that symmetry is a fundamental consequence of the simplest of principles of localized energy, resonances and fundemantal field constraints.

    But that is beyond my level. I look forward to seeing this develop. Please excuse any miss conception on my side.

  • Alan Smith


    The temperature-dependent activation of anomalous heating you described last summer is a nonlinear phenomenon. Using a few simple assumptions, I described some of the steady-state behaviours one might expect from such a system. Such a system is too simple to sustain oscillation or chaos but with the single extra assumption of a slow inactivation for the anomalous heating I showed that one would expect nonlinear oscillatory phenomena. These might consist of oscillatory responses to external stimulation, spontaneous oscillations. or even chaos. Nonlinear oscillators like these are famous for coupling and such phenomena have been studied since the mid 1970's. A famous example is the synchronization of firefly flashes.

    When thought of in 3-dimensional terms, synchronous activity among nonlinear oscillators leads to waves and other more complex structures. The beating of the heart is an example. Another example is brain waves and brain rhythms which seem to underlie states of vigilance in animals. This seems to be where the Israeli group in your video is heading. Their results are a little less novel than one would be led to think from viewing their video (although I acknowledge that the precise mathematical packaging and some of the results are new).

  • Quote

    How synchronicity can emerge from chaos

    Perhaps you intended to write "synchronization."

    Synchronization is not synchronicity which is a woowoo concept that basically states that there is some meaning to a coincidental happening of two events together without causal relationship.

    I think this interesting video is about synchronization (of chaotic systems) rather than synchronicity, which, well... is meant to suggest the paranormal and supernatural and is therefore meaningless.

  • The initial conditions in the mix(set by the atom farmer) will have a large effect on a steadystate system

    where the energy input from deuterium fusion is dissipated via

    a balanced mix of desired metastable isomers/groundstates with matching J's and deltas

    Perhap Russ's word atomecology really means atomfarming..where instead of

    whole wild periodic table maybe just a select mix of 20 or so metastable/base states is used.

    This should eventually be more predictable just as fishfarming is more predictable than

    natural populations.…omplexity-with-equations/

  • Atom Ecology.

    Its a way of thinking from Russ( who has an ecological worldview)) which I think supposes that LENR happens naturally in impure mixtures of silicate and oxide rockswhere there are sources of low Z and 'reactive' atom species H,D .He3..perhaps Li.

    rather than just in highly synthetic 100%D/Pd/Li.

    Wyttenbach is less ecological


    Fusing nuclei generate an EM-pulse (adding radial magnetic flux of up to 16..24 MeV) that aligns neighbor

    spin axes, what leads to potential attraction of new atomic pairs. This effect is increased by the resonance

    of magnetic gamma states.

    These moments (long living magnetic gamma states) may also serve as a temporary storage of magnetic

    excess-energy. The lower their level, the easier you can inducedthe needed field to get a resonance. This

    also can explain sudden cool down effects seen in recent experiments!

    Because long living magnetic gamma states obey an exact probabilistic behavior, it should be possible to

    model the reaction kinetics of a given isotopes mixture by a coupled Markov (chain-) process."

    [email protected];…r-and-particle-physics-20

  • I would say Atom Ecology is the concept that cold fusion reactions are more likely to happen when deuterium is exposed to a number of different physical elements rather than single elements. The deuterium and various elements undergo complex interactions which form an "ecology" in which excess heat production can self organize and rise up like the evolution of a plant or animal species.

  • A biological eco system is a self sustaining set of species that mutually depend on their work out and is well adapted to a preferred environment. Normally such a set has a high degree of connectivity . The higher the more stable the system is.

    Brute force A+D LENR may initially work but under the cost of self destroying it's "living system". Like an eco system a LENR reaction needs a stabilizing environment that gives & takes energy in various forms.

    Russ's idea is that a stable nuclear eco system is able to just live on deuterium and is maintaining it's structure for a long time due to it's ability to balance the different forms of energy needed for sustaining the reaction.