• Or a bit more than 1/20th of a mol of Deuterium =0.1g for 20kW over a year.

    I do not think so. That's too high. There are 3.154e+7 seconds per year, so that is 630,800 MJ/0.1 g, or 6,308,000 MJ per gram. Based on the helium measured by Miles and others, assuming this is a d-d reaction, the reaction produces 24 MeV of energy per helium atom. That is the energy listed for d-d reactions. It comes to 345,000 MJ/g of deuterium. That's ~1 kW continuously for a year for 0.1 g.

    I am not good at arithmetic, but I asked several physicists to confirm that calculation, and it was also published here: S. K. Borowski, NASA Technical Memorandum 107030 AIAA–87–1814, “Comparison of Fusion/Antiproton Propulsion Systems for Interplanetary Travel,” Table 1, “Cat-DD” data. It shows 3.45 * 10^14 J/kg (345,000 MJ/g).…risonFusionAntiproton.pdf

  • I have some sad news. 'Androcles' died today, after 9 months of faithful service. Just to be clear, that's not the fuel that died, but the reactor whose heating coil succumbed to oxidation. The first failure of this component I can remember over 4 years of pretty intensive furnace building.

    But not all bad, the reactor was the last of an older design, and is now being upgraded to take more and better sensors and so on. I had been waiting for the chance to do that for some time.

  • Alas poor Androcles has been a faithful steed, only to suddenly fail due to a thermal event. His pure crystal quartz heart was all but destroyed though recovered with a mysterious reddish tint. Just in time to become a St. Valentine's relic to add to our atom-ecology reliquery. Perhaps some generous and amorous follower would like to buy this for their sweetheart (there is only 9 days left.)

    UPDATE: Alas my fishing skills are proven to be terrible, not even a nibble was attracted with this terrible bait...

  • more flesh on the bones of the theory

    Wyttenbach ls seeking the bones of the universe

    Where does gravity come from?

    The Standard Model can't find where in its 3D+T closet.

    and IMHO never will.

    It appears to be "a magnetic residual force of 5 rotation

    somewhere in SO(4 ) condensed space..."

    Maybe someone more competent than I can check.

    I can check for spelling errors..thta's about all..