SunCell is fueled by nanoparticles

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    MHO, this smoke is metal hydride nanoparticles that are covered on their surface with polaritons. The polaritons are the source of the magnetism that binds the nanoparticles togither. The SunCell uses this smoke to form a dusty plasma that can produce a self sustaining LENR reaction.


  • A thread of synthetic material is twisted together with a metal wire.

    The compound wire is mounted between the pole posts.

    A big capacitor is discharged via the wire which explodes.

    The polymer thread is decomposed into the microfibers that it is made from.

    The microfibers are falling slowly sticking to each other like an insect web.

    If you start-stop quickly you can see glowing pieces of the metal wire flying around.

    Let us assume that the wire is ferromagnetic, e.g. Kanthal contains more than 90% iron.

    Very small magnetic fragments will get get caught in the spider web.

    When a fragment is caught by the magnet a part of the web is towed along with it.

    Notice that the web itself is not magnetic.

    If so the magnet would have "eaten" the whole web part.

  • Did you ever play with filaments of soot as they form for example from acetylene flame? Once it touches something, it's already impossible to remove it.

    Black Sikaflex is even worse. I think that the adhesion is caused by Strong Interaction.

    This is probably the same mechanism that is used in Casco Strong Epoxy Professional.

    Can only be bought in Sweden.