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  • - new technologies for nuclear waste remediation

    Hi Simon,

    Robert here

    In fossil-fuel rich and mineral-rich Australia finance for energy production research from LENR

    is unlikely,.... you know already.

    Nuclear waste remediation is really hazardous research but maybe the $ are more likely

    Have you looked at the Rum Jungle tailings in NT?


  • Have you looked at the Rum Jungle tailings in NT?


    Orson Wells Animal is todays US government. Pigs only look for their own food and do not care for where the left behinds go...

    It looks like some LENR process only produce very small amount of short living isotopes. But if people start the GOLD hunt an do arbitrary transmutations then things may change.

  • "Rum Jungle — one of Australia's oldest uranium mines — was set up in the 1950s with the support of the Commonwealth to supply uranium to the weapons programs of the US and British governments."

    The sins of the few are visited upon the many.

    perhaps atom ecology technology can fix the damage,,,by transmuting radium... for a start

  • Listened to Darden's short speech to open ICCF21. He did not talk about IH, but spoke instead in broad, sweeping terms about group think, cultural conformity, deniers vs thinkers and made a few basic connections to CF. To go forward we need: theory that matches results, experiments and papers acceptable to mainstream (easier said than done, as we have found out here), and absolute accountability of those doing the research. Came up with a cute phrase -CFAS (Cold Fusion Addiction Syndrome).

    Many thanks to LENRIA for organizing the event. I assume they are the ones who made, and then packaged all the video's and presentations for our convenient viewing?

  • Well Tom's correct about our need to publish in refereed journals. We could start with Alan and Russ's experimental data backed up by Wyttenbach's new theory, as I suggested before 'Rotatoral Collapse of Field Coupled Deuterons Yield Nuclear Fusion'- Snappy title for Nature? I think it would be a worthwhile exercise trying to write it all up and maybe we could submit it to several different journals. If not in the West, we could always try the Russian Academy of Sciences. There;s a lot more work to do on the gamma radiation detected etc, eg is it bremsstralung (from free plasma electron braking} emission or recombinant radiation. The mechanics of how deuteron acceleration is achieved by such a rotatoral system needs more elaboration and the resulting increased probability of collisions with target deuterons overcoming the coulomb barrier (throw in tunnelling, electron screening, possible electron capture and all the rest in here too). After all it is nearly 30 yrs since F&P's first cold fusion announcement-time we got on with the job, guys?

  • The mechanics of how deuteron acceleration is achieved by such a rotatoral system needs more elaboration and the resulting increased probability of collisions with target deuterons overcoming the coulomb barrier (throw in tunnelling, electron screening, possible electron capture and all the rest in here too). After all it is nearly 30 yrs since F&P's first cold fusion announcement-time we got on with the job, guys?

    The newest modeling shows that the inner electrons go to deep magnetic orbits and no unidirectional acceleration is needed. The main reason why classic modeling failed is that magnetic flux already is relativistic and such simple math with using just a gamma to increase mass is Kindergarten.

    The physics of dense space is more complex and can not be based on potentials as the standard fairy model believes.

    May be soon more.

  • our need to publish in refereed journals.

    I must compliment you Dr Richard on picking up on timemark 15.45.ish

    "we need theory..repeatable experiments..and papers that will be accepted by mainstream physicists and science publications"

    as "refereed journals"

    If you were to co-publish with others on this forum ( to "Nature" ) what would you like to be known as?

    Dr Richard.....or Dr "Physics/Physiology"

    Does the Ophthalmology Department at UCL have a vision for the future?


  • Tom Darden: "We owe it to our early pioneers and the planet to responsibly finish this work and move the discussion into the mainstream..." June 4, 2018 timemark 15.32

    Abdul Lomax

    "the future will be better than anything we can imagine. What are we waiting for, for Someone Else to do it and make it easy? …It’s already easy, if we Make It." October 31,2018

    I agree with both these prompts for action but I think that productive collaboration can only be achieved by open and transparent communication.

  • Can you check these pages for any errors Dr..Richard...Feynman??

    In an early version of NPP2.0 I included some 4D corrections to Mills 3D nuclear calculations, what allowed to get the neutron magnetic moment with 5 digits instead of three with Mills formula. This tells that Mills formula is a good approximation but nothing more as in fact the "quark waves" stay in 4(6) dimensions. I use Mills approximation for Quark spin flip energy to get one 4D wave node energy in the neutron model.

  • Don't get mw wrong, I'm not knocking Mills, his classical theories are like classical symphonies-perfect scores in maths like Beethoven or Wagner in music. So you would never find an error in his algebra - and his theory predicted the expanding universe (for which in a just World he should have at least shared the Nobel Prize). He's a brilliant theoretician and has successfully challenged the 'accepted view of dogmatic QM physicists stuck with their over-simplified view of particle physics/the universe. His original ideas are like a breath of fresh air.

    I was not advocating publishing myself, just giving encouragement to those who might soon be in a position to do so, and my own background was not in ophthalmology, it was in Biophysics (something I share with Piantelli I suppose).

    Yes, I would expect Mills's approximations to work-unlike his BLP reactors-mavbe needs less theory and more R&D/ experimental data? Do we really need to worry about hydrinos/or Holmlid's 'ultra dense H' all the time?

  • Interesting presentation Tom Clytor gave for Roger Stringham. Roger has pioneered a cavitation device in a small vessel, that basically delivers D20 to a Pd foil via cavitation. Same concept as other forms of LENR, just a different method of stress delivery. Claytor does think they have replicated Strigham's excess heat results, using his cavitation cell, but plenty of work lies ahead to rule out artifacts. No lovely gammas though, and no tritium.

    BG has a suggestion in the Q&A on how to minimize transducer damage (a problem Stringham is having). Side note; he (BG) seems up on everything going on in LENR, and familiar with, and knowledgeable on all the various methods, and systems. He is a relative newcomer, but as AS stold me: he is a quick learner. Looking forward to BG's O'Day.

  • Stringham's mechanism(2012) does not seem to involve metastable magnetic isotopes such as Pd 109 , ag109 or magnetic deuterium.

    but that was 2012


    "The accelerating free electrons trap some deuterons in an EM pulse forming 1 nm deuteron Bose Einstein Condensate clusters.

    The picosecond EM pulse overwhelms the the cluster’s Coulombic repulsion squeezing deuteron BEC clusters.

    The pulse provides for dense and evaporative cooled environments for DD fusion events.

    The fusion heat, Qx, produced a heat pulse that expels fusion products of Qx and 4He from the lattice.

    The escaping fusion heat pulse leaves SEM observable ejecta sites. This is the proposed sequential path to clean usable energy.
    (The normal BEC forms at ultra low temperatures because in ordinary matter, it includes electrons.

    The BEC exists only between the ground state and the next energy level, maybe 0.06 eV.)

    In contrast , in the deuteron BEC cluster, for a picosecond, the next level above ground state is 2.32 MeV [9] as there are no electrons.

    The BEC cluster EM compression pulse is stronger than the Coulombic repulsion for a picosecond.

    That is enough contact time for the BEC cluster fusion event to occur"


  • Looks like we have a young up and comer, in Kitagawa from Kyota University. He and "a couple students" spent 1 1/2 years prepping for their replication of Yamaguchi's 1998 experiment, in their "small lab". Yamaguchi was so kind as to provide his equipment to them. They did make some tech improvements on the set-up though.

    They observed .5Ws XH for over 10 hours. There was an "acceleration" as the input power decreased. He focused on that understandably. They saw neutron peaks (200x's background) which corresponded with the accelerations. This is in comparison to Jones 3.5X, DeNinno 500x, Wada 400X, and Mizuno temporary >1000X's, none of which corresponded to the XH. Feels his result "may be an indication of a nuclear reaction in a solid".

    He put a lot of emphasis on the bulk Pd plate bending. First I heard this phenomena mentioned, but my understanding from him, is that it may be a manifestation of the reaction? Anyway, he ruled out common sense explanations; i.e. strain, expansion, or poor fitting in the holder, and reasoned it may be due to: "the spatial lattice constant variation, due to a alpha/beta phase transition".

    Well spoken English, and a good speaker. Good listen if you have a few minutes.

  • Yuta Kitagawa has good English.

    The XRD analysis is interesting...probably shows phase changes.

    But XRD cannot show what is going on in hot reactor... from B to C.

    If the metastable gold isotope is involved with a halflife of only 8 seconds,,,

    a gamma ray spectrum analysis needs to be done as with Wyttenbach et al..

    .. in media res is better than post hoc,

    Perhaps we shall see a lot of these at the next ICCF??

    1. Andrea Rossi June 28, 2019 at 2:40 PM

      Dear Readers:

      For today no more comments will be published in this blog: the silence is intended to be in honour of Prof Norman D. Cook

      Andrea Rossi

    2. Andrea Rossi June 28, 2019 at 2:21 PM

      Prof Joseph Fine:

      I am a man of Faith.

      Prof Norman Cook, I am sure, is going to work for God at a superior level than we still are.

      Humanly, I can only express my deepest condolences to his Family.

      He was a great man and a great Professor. His students in the USA and in Japan loved him and they are lucky, because to have a master like him is a fortune.

      He will pass to the History of Physics for his model of the atom’s nucleus, that has inspired and will inspire generations of scientists.

      I owe him a great part of my know how. I read his book innumerable times. I know it by heart. See you, Norman, now you play in the Majors ( I mean, in Champions League ), while we are still here, fighting for Him.

      Your friend for ever,


    3. Sam June 28, 2019 at 7:49 AM

      Hello DR Rossi

      Have you heard this sad news?




    4. Andrea Rossi June 28, 2019 at 1:37 PM


      Oh, my God ! No, no, I did not hear about this before now.

      I am very sad of the departure of one of the most honest and intelligent men I ever met in my life.

      It is a substantial loss for the LENR world and for the Science. His intelligence and preparation was directly proportional to his modesty.

      Andrea Rossi

  • All this reminds us that we are so small in this world.

    From my side, i almost lost my life that night in a serious car crash, I got out of it.

    We relativize a lot of things in these cases, this is why I can like all mods today :)

    The show must go on :)

    To be back to our favorite task, what do you think, guys, about Norman Cook's work ?