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    It's certainly sad that one of the few professors that took LENR seriously and kept his work is gone. His association with Rossi might not have been a smart move, but if Rossi really did not know about his passing, perhaps they had distanced in the last time, and one might think that was on Rossi's blame and not on Cook's.

  • This is sort of irrelevant, but Norman Cook and I were the only two non-Japanese people in this field who could attend a conference in Japanese and understand it. Or give a lecture in Japanese. (With difficulty! But I have difficulty in English too.)

  • I just got a patent application alert on Quantum Spring Research PTY Ltd (Australia).

    Here's the application for those who might find this interesting.



    A device and method which generate heat and electrical power by controlling the density, focus, and speed of an ion beam from a low-power plasma (107) in a plasma chamber (106) from which the ion beam (111) is extracted into a reaction chamber (103) optionally to enrich a target (102) into a target hydride, to initiate and sustain heat and optionally a cold fusion reaction in said target, recovering heat energy (105) from said reaction to provide heating and/or to generate electrical power (119), optionally to replenish the target with additional ionic fuel and/or deposit additional target material when additional heat is not required, whilst during heating and optional enrichment/deposition and cold fusion cycles extracting excess fuel from the chambers to recombine if necessary with any fuel byproduct from the source fuel (109) to then reuse as source fuel.

    front page image

  • Publication Date 21.11.2019

    特願2020-069438 (Proof) 提出日:令和 2年 4月 7日2020/04/07)

    So this is patentable before my bond compression theroy publication.

    D-Metal bond is compressed by ion beam and can create hydrogen(D) small atom, so it can fuse with other small-D, but efficient is very low but possible theoretically.

    MASS defect is not the cause.Cause is the compression of hydride bond.

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