Documentation project : Documentation of Dr. Edmund Storms’ 29 Years of CF Research

  • On LenrExplained there is a post about the ICCF21 poster about the documentation project of Ed Storms and Thomas Grimshaw.…-of-cold-fusion-research/

    Beyond the mass of experimental data of Edmund Storms, there is a great need to gather all data by each experimenter.

    Jed gather many kind of publication, papers, letters, but even a lab book is very valuable.

    It is important that all this experimental work is not lost, as I'm afraid budget have been decreasing since the 90s.

    I remember there is the Charles Beaudette archive on cold fusion…ne/issue75/beaudette.html

  • He could be enjoying his well earned retirement in beautiful New Mexico, but instead he devotes himself to passing on what he knows so it is not lost. True save the planet type, like so many others in the LENR community. What a contrast to those who pursue the same dream, but in a less open way. Hopefully someone makes the big breakthrough soon, so he can see first hand the fruits of his labors.