Pamela A. Mosier-Boss, Lawrence P. Forsley : Energetic Particle Emission in Pd/D Co-deposition: An Undergraduate Research Project to Replicate a New Scientific Phenomenon

  • Lawrence Forsley published on his account this paper published in Journal of laboratory Chemical Education…_Phenomenon?auto=download

    It seems to be the replication fo famous co-deposition protocol with CR-39 tracks analysis, that Spawar team developed.

    Abstract The experiments described here were part of independent research projects done by different groups of upper
    division, chemical engineering undergraduate students over a three year period. The purpose of these experiments was to
    replicate track formation in solid state nuclear track detectors (SSNTDs) resulting from Pd/D co-deposition and to rule out a
    chemical origin for the tracks. The experiments took several weeks to run. Not only did the students learn about the
    importance of replication in science, they were introduced to metal electroplating and Faradaic efficiency as well as the use of
    solid state nuclear track detectors (SSNTDs) and their analysis using optical microscopes. The students also had the
    opportunity to use freeware programs to model tracks in SSNTDs and calculate linear energy transfer (LET) curves to
    determine energy loses of energetic particles as they traverse through matter. Most importantly, the experiments
    demonstrated the importance of using controls and simulations to test a hypothesis, especially for experiments that give
    unexpected, or anomalous, results whose origins are only understood later.

    EDIT: it was already discussed under the angle of student safety on this thread

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