Brillouin Energy Corporation (BEC) updates.

  • Where are you deriving this "hype" from? Basic gleanings of the field?

    The mechanisms of LENR will solve the dark matter and dark energy mysteries to start out with.

    Here is a post that reflects a small part of this thinking

    Bose Einstein condensation has been shown to produce analog gravity. To see the relevant math as follows

    Analogue Gravity

    Carlos Barceló

    Stefano Liberati

    Matt Visser

    Polariton condensation is not temperature related. It manifests when the density of the polaritons reaches its condensation level. This mechanism of condensation makes temperature irrelevant. This means that when electrons on the surface of matter are becoming entangled with either photons, phonons, or plasmons and the density of their aggregation is sufficiently dense then a polariton super fluid forms. This super fluid generates gravity like force to add to that produced by general relativity.

    This mechanism for the galaxy wide development for super fluidity implements the details of how the theory of Justin Khoury manifests.

    I don't know if the H(4) mechanism is polariton related, but polariton based Bose Einstein condensation does mitigate radiation and unstable isotope production.


    Could Polaritons be the Dark Matter Particles ?

    • Stefan Mehedinteanu
    • Published 2015

    In the present work a different view is advanced on the origin of this new field at reheating, respectively, a primordial magnetic field. For its creation, it has been proposed that at the end of Inflation, a spectrum for blackbody radiation of temperature TeV K 85 . 4 10 5 16 → × when photons creation as quanta takes place,. The opacity (equilibrium − + + ↔ + e e γ γ of 50 60 10 10 ↔ following Thomson scattering) begins to be very thick ( 3 . 0 ≥ ), that means not all the photons escape as radiation. Simultaneously, but following Breit-Wheeler photons pairs collisions it remain available only two photons pairs which transform in − + e e (quark) pair, from 60 10 ≈ as were been produced. This − + e e pair generates an electrical field E , that being of string type and supercritical ] [ 10 8 . 7 10 4 . 2 28 28 C N E E c e × = ≈ × = ± , it captures the vacuum gluonsmonopoles pairs, thus, generating the first primordial electromagnetic ( PEMF ) vortex called as PMF B , and by using a simple QCD analytical model are calculated their components ) , ( B E and dimensions. Thus, the PMF by Schwinger effect at the end of the reheating period of Hubble length ] [ 10 4 4 1 m H × = − GeV 121 ≅ , or when the symmetry between the weak and electromagnetic interactions breaks, it generates directly different kinds of particles but of a precise number 90 10 ≅ as: fermions (quarks, electrons), gluons with structure of gluons-monopoles (abelian in extra-core and nonabelian in core), photons. This process continues till the cosmological time at curvature radius ] [ 10 2 . 1 5 9 m R s t × = → = , when GeV V 3 10 4 . 1 − × ≤ , after that it ceases since ] [ 10 2 . 2 10 2 18 18 C N E E c × = ≤ × = . Later, at CMB time and after, the PMF reactivates with creation of a new type of composed particle called polariton of very small mass e m 6 5 10 − − ≥ , which, recently it was very much investigated experimentally in semiconductors. It is shown that the PMF construction inherently permits the existence of Quantum Well (QW) inside, as to be necessarily for polaritons production. Also, it is demonstrated that the scaled PMF at the CMB time, generates curl B − pattern of the same values as obtained in BICEP2 and Planck Mission, mostly probable due of the polarized photoluminescence (blueshift light!) of polaritons. Also, it will be shown, that in fact, the total mass of the created polaritons sustains the accelerated expansion of Universe, or in other words, these particles play the role of the dark matter. LESS

  • Congratulation to Wendelstein on achieving greater than 100 seconds of plasma after decades of trying

    Its lucky they are on the BundesRepublik's public teat to the tune of 1400 million $

    T'm not sure how long the plasmas at Brillouin are but they are certainly hours longer than wendelstein's.

  • Congratulation to Wendelstein on achieving greater than 100 seconds of plasma after decades of trying

    Its lucky they are on the BundesRepublik's public teat to the tune of 1400 million $

    Tja leider nur totes plasma ohne Fusionsreaktion. Eine solche würde die schöne Statistik so ziemlich versauen, da plötzlich ganz andere Temperaturen (Geschwindigkeiten) zu meistern wären...

    Dead plasma only! I hope they never switch to nuclear fuel as this would make the whole fantastic research site inaccessible for months and may be all the outstanding technology can no longer be used...

    Wendelstein is a multi-billion toy to study well behaved plasma containment - nothing more.

    T/D fusion has been proposed by ruthless scoundrels to raise money for organizing a comfortable live and has been financed by the carbon supporters (dumb governments) as an excuse to not need any reduction in carbon burn down.

    T/D fusion has been proven to be unsuitable more than 40 years ago. Just to repeat it: The material to contain fusion produced neutrons the so called "Unobtainium" has nowhere be found so far...

    In my view - any person - that promotes T/D fusion is a criminal of the worst kind.

  • Active comment section on that NBF article. Some negativism (mostly by Goat Guy), but some positive things said about LENR. Here is one in particular I like:


    Brian, Thank you for a balanced article on both BEC, and LENR in general. Not many venture into reporting on the topic, as it does invariably draw the sharp criticisms that it is impossible. Ironically, that is what almost every LENR researcher thought before attempting their first replication, but low and behold they saw something they could not explain, and became believers.

    For most, becoming believers was a curse, as their pursuit of the phenomenon cost them their reputation within the scientific community. But continue on they did, and still do. Amazing group of talented, tough, and driven people.
    BEC is not the only company, or group of people seeing some success. There are others around the globe, from Russia, to Japan, to India, to Italy, England, France, and here in the US making headway. Some questionable, but others rock solid, with quality names backing them.
    We talk of all these developments on Lenr-Forum. All interested are welcome, and yes...even you skeptics."

  • Not an update.. more of a 2015

    Just wondering what is happening with the Lakota/Dakota LENR project.

    Difficult to progress when big oil is locking people up.

    Additionally, The Tribe recently approved action to seek private funding as well as Federal and has proposed the commercialization of L.E.N.R. Education for schools K through 12. It shall be called Wi Waci -Sun Dance.

    The second project will be a research and design low cost home with emphasis on a dome design and construction conducive to the components of the technology process. The project will be called Thi Yuktan. This housing plan has been approved for the use of the generator and the Standing Rock Water Control Board has approved a permit for the Brillouin boiler.

    Technology has exceeded balance. It has created a toxic environment that is more harmful and damaging to human life. A human life is threatened after three to five days without water. Native People are keepers of Mother Earth. There is a limitless clean energy that we have a duty to create and develop and use for the people""

    My respect to Standing Rock and Phyllis Young-Co Founder-Women of All Nations

  • It will still be better than an internal document, and I may have it wrong about the "semi"...we will find out shortly. Main point is that BEC is seeing a steady upward progression of the COP, and the increase seems to be accelerating. They have a very good team tackling all the remaining issues before a market product; I.E. reducing parasitic load on the active tube, upscaling power, increasing COP to the 5-6 range, regulatory hurdles, and getting more help in this tight labor market.

    The data says what they have works, and they have been verified, and replicated by SRI in their own facility. That is as good as it gets in LENR land. Should be fun to follow them in 2019.

    It is maybe as good as it gets, but not as good as it could be.

    The SRI replication used the same equipment and instrumentation that BEC used (which in any case was SRI advised I believe).

    Therefore any errors in this (complex) system would affect original and replication equally.

    Still, you are right that if the results here are "real" COP=5 there will be little difficulty in generating a bomb-proof test where everyone agrees heat out must be >> electrical power in. A waveform generator of pretty well any kind can be implemented at >50% efficiency which leaves COP=2.5 from a robust black box measurement.

    that (Dewey if IH is still interested please note) would unlock v large $$$.

    If IH is not now interested in BEC the question would be why...

    [apologies if I've got this wrong and IH never funded BEC]

  • The SRI replication used the same equipment and instrumentation that BEC used (which in any case was SRI advised I believe).

    They co-jointly developed the calorimtery system, but the reactors, and cores were BEC's, and tested independently within SRI's facility.

    Still, you are right that if the results here are "real" COP=5 there will be little difficulty in generating a bomb-proof test where everyone agrees heat out must be >> electrical power in

    They have not achieved 5-6 COP. They strive for that so as to be commercially feasible, and it looks favorable for them to do that. It is all about financing, as to how long that takes. There are investors willing to risk investing now, in the hope they will reach that COP level, who would be rewarded with more favorable terms. Then there are those wanting to wait for the magic 5-6 COP, but understandably with less favorable ROI...if commercial COP is achieved.

  • Ruby-Carat-Robert-Godes-Cold-Fusion-Now-020

  • Ruby does another interview with Robert Godes of BEC:

    -solidly at a little over COP2. Needs 6X's to compete in the thermal market. Get up to 30Xs input, and bring in cars and everything else in between (planes/locomotives).
    -No longer need the band heater, as the Q Pulse generator alone now gets the reaction up and running.

    -He confirms that Microsoft funded Texas Tech (Robert Duncan), so it is no longer a rumor that Gates is funding LENR research.

    Lots more in there, as it runs 42 minutes, so make sure to listen to all.

  • Brilliant news from Brillouin Energy - their hot tube design is far superior to the E-cat from an engineering perspective - whether its working via electron capture or extracting energy from the vacuum or by muon/exciton polariton-catalysed fusion is irrelevant - they have engineered a working LENR reactor. Well done R. Godes!