MFMP underreview by Youtube

  • Bob Greenyer reports that MFMP is "being held for futher review t make sure it meets our policies".

    I don't support all what Bob publish, but I find ALARMING that policies designed to protect from "Fake News" are as expected used de facto to block dissident voices.…t_date#comment-3973316116


    Four months after applying for Youtube Partner Program (after meeting their new punitive application requirements and with a waiting time claimed to be weeks) we receive this email - which we cannot reply to.


    I have this epidermic reaction because I remember this french mindguard article bashing Jean-Paul Biberian's book.

    Si on dresse un jour la liste de tous les méfaits d'Internet, il ne faudra pas oublier celui que mentionne Jean-Paul Bibérian dans La Fusion dans tous ses états (p. 194) : « Sans ce nouveau médium, il est probable que la fusion froide aurait disparu pour de nombreuses années. » Et cela aurait été une bonne chose ! Que ceux qui n'ont jamais entendu parler de cette fusion froide se rassurent, ils n'ont rien manqué.

    If we draw up a list of all the misdeeds of the Internet one day, we must not forget the one mentioned by Jean-Paul Bibérian in The Fusion in all its states (194): "Without this new medium, it is likely that cold fusion would have disappeared for many years. And that would have been a good thing! That those who have never heard of this cold fusion reassure themselves, they have not missed anything.

    It seems Internet is trying to clean it's attic, but I'm not sure that what will be cleaned will be all bas and what will be sanctified will be all good.

    1984 is coming, and beside the FakeNews, you have the new concept od MuteNews... when a known fact in 2012, is ignored, then millions are wasted to prove it published in april 2018, ignored, and just yesterday published on the web site of an opinion journal...

    Meanwhile on the same domain, a "decoder", pretending to check news, is caught being accomplice with a fake news editor in another reference journal,...

    let it be clear that no method exist to know what is good or wrong, because as Lugano and Doral shows, as LENR replication shows, as Mizuno bucket and CCS show, we cannot even agree on what is a fact.…-empiricism-and-sola.html…5c-11e8-faaa-90b11c40440d

  • Youtube aren't trying to block a dissenting voice, their partnership program is about who can/can't earn advertising revenue... They are trying to protect the advertisers from being linked to controversial topics.

  • Zeus46 is right. The MFMP Youtube channel has not been blocked.

    Youtube Partner Program:…1?hl=en&ref_topic=6029709


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