Second interview with Michel Vandenberghe around the creation of LENR-Cities

  • Here is the english translation of the interview published in french forum]. During the month of June, Michel Vandenberghe and I exchanged a long, informally and we agreed to formalize these exchanges in the form of an interview, virtual interview, but based on my real questions about LENR-Cities, the ecosystem it must organize in order to develop LENR. Meanwhile, as expected, LENR-Cities was founded in Switzerland in Neuchatel, a sign that things are getting serious. Here is this fictional dialogue, accompanied by a short introduction, and additional resources that have appeared helpful. The text, result of our discussions, is licensed under Creative Common. [news=3,meta][/news]
  • Michel just found that executive report from IBM "The new age of ecosystems - Redefining partnering in an ecosystem environment" (the PDF is

    It explains that ecosystem are now required because of a "smarter" world that self-organize better by communication.Old organization cannot cope with that fast enough.

    Further than LENR-Cities explanations, IBM explains that companies will participate into many ecosystem, and that ecosystems will structurate in ecosystems of ecosystems... The new paradigm of business ? See the success and failures of appStores, game consoles, PC, where the most important is to give space for others to give values to your technical assets...

    This paper also classify the style of ecosystem, from orchestration level and complexity.
    The LENR cities approach seems to be quite natural when yo follow this business trend.

    It seems the news forget to tell us the world have changed since the train companies.

  • Alain, you wrote : << The LENR cities approach seems to be quite natural when you follow this business trend >>

    and we are proposing to use an innovative organization to develop and industrialize an innovate technology.
    BTW, as LENR is not a new topic, Ecosystems is not a new topic; We are working on that topic since 1999.