New USPTO Patent Applications from Industrial Heat

  • "Monitoring and controlling exothermic reactions using photon detection devices"


    A method includes vacuuming an environment containing a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) system and flowing a gaseous material into the environment. The method includes heating the reactor to a first temperature range and applying a voltage to an electrode passing through a core of the LENR system. The method includes imaging one of the core or the system with a spectrometer and determining that the core is at a desired temperature based on the imaging.


    "Methods and apparatus for calorimetric verification"

    WO WO2019083701A2 Joseph A. Murray Ih Ip Holdings Limited Priority 2017-10-04 • Filed 2018-10-03 • Published 2019-05-02


    A calorimeter is disclosed that accurately measures the quantity of excess heat generated during an exothermic nuclear reaction and that can be used to ascertain the type of exothermic nuclear reactions based on the measured quantity of heat.


    "Controller integrated with reactor board"

    WO WO2019070489A1 Julie A. Morris Ih Ip Holdings Limited Priority 2017-10-04 • Filed 2018-09-27 • Published 2019-04-11


    A system includes an exothermic energy production device, and a printed circuit board (PCB) engaging an exothermic reaction chamber of the exothermic energy production device. The PCB defines a reaction section having traces configured to trigger or control an exothermic reaction in the exothermic reaction chamber, and a control section having at least one integrated control (IC) chip configured to monitor the exothermic reaction.


    "Methods and apparatus for triggering exothermic reactions using ac or dc electromagnetics"


    Methods and apparatus are disclosed for generating an electromagnetic field inside a reactor to trigger an exothermic reaction. The design and implementation of the electromagnetics are based on the requirements of a particular exothermic reaction or reactor. For example, the triggering mechanism of a particular exothermic reaction or reactor may require a magnetic field with a specific magnitude, polarity, and/or orientation.


    "Methods for enhancing anomalous heat generation"

    WO US US20190318833A1 Joseph A. Murray Industrial Heat, Llc

    Priority 2016-12-22 • Filed 2017-12-22 • Published 2019-10-17


    Methods and apparatus are disclosed for enhancing anomalous heat generation. An enriched transition metal such as palladium, nickel, zirconium, or ruthenium has a different isotopic composition than the naturally occurring distribution. One or more isotopes of a transition metal are enriched and the concentration of these isotopes is higher than the natural abundance. The enriched transition metal may form metal oxide. It is disclosed herein that plating a reaction chamber with an enriched transition metal or metal oxide having a specific composition improves heat generation in an exothermic reaction.


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