LENR vs Solar/Wind, and emerging Green Technologies.

  • This analysis is wrong in so many ways, I will not even try to enumerate them. Just a few:

    If the material requirements of wind turbines were much greater than, say, gas or coal, then the cost would be much higher. It is not much higher. Hydroelectric and nuclear generation takes much more material and the initial cost is higher because of that (and for other reasons).

    The turbines do wear out after 20 years, but so do the turbines in gas, coal or nuclear power. With all four, the turbines are replaced and rest of the equipment continues to work. With wind, the tower is the most expensive part, and it takes the most materials. Wind towers should last 100 years or more, which is longer than gas, coal or nuclear. It is comparable to hydroelectric dams.

    A fleet of 14 million 1.8-MW wind turbines does not weigh more or cost more than 14 million 1.8 MW gas or coal (steam) turbines. In any case, large parts of the U.S. do not have concentrated wind, just as large parts do not have rivers capable of producing hydroelectricity.

    "Using batteries to back up sufficient power to supply U.S. electricity needs for just seven straight windless days . . ." There is no such thing as a "windless day" on the scale of a continent, or the whole state of Iowa. There cannot be one unless the sun goes out. The heated air always goes somewhere.

  • Hydrogen production by laser irradiation of metals in water under an ultrasonic field

    I would suggest them to make a before / after analysis looking for transmutation, I’m sure they would have found evidence of it.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • another claim aka Joi https://www.concordmonitor.com…lant-groveton-nh-31712785


    The plan for QuasarWave is to take water from the Upper Ammonoosuc River, separate out the hydrogen and burn it in a reciprocating engine to produce electricity that will be sold to companies on site. Irvin says this electricity will be cheaper than can be bought on the grid.

    When the idea first surfaced a year ago there was talk of building a data center to use the electricity on-site, but that has fallen through. Partly as a result, the power plant has been scaled back from 29 megawatts to 7 megawatts, which has the advantage of sidestepping the lengthy approval process from the state Site Evaluation Committee.

    Details about the technology that will separate out the hydrogen, which is the whole point of the operation, are proprietary.

    “It’s a turbine-based technology for producing hydrogen … involving high and low pressure, magnetics and a few other things,” said Irvin, declining to be more specific.





  • looks like they started as water purification tech. The wave patterned turbine disks probably were meant for degasing but it must be producing cavitation. Then they claim to apply magnetic field and something else undisclosed.

    Just recently we had a similar claims from Joi Scientific. NB Power, a utility in New Brunswick, partnered with Joi and invested in the test lab. That failed but even after NB Power CEO says it still might be working.

    Anyway, we need to keep an eye on claims like these.

  • An interesting combination of cavitation and electrolysis, I guess - charged disks doing the electrolysis and their rotation causing simultaneous cavitation effects. Could the LENR effects of cavitation (neutron release, fusion reactions etc) make the electrolysis more efficient?

    Examples of how electrical charges may be delivered to specific components include electrical brushes or electromechanical isolated devices, induction, etc., capable of delivering an isolated charge to specific components such as alternately charging disks within a rotor with opposite/opposing polarities In addition to inducing electrical charges to rotating disk-pack turbine components, electrical charging can also be a useful means of affecting a polar fluid, i.e., when it is desirable to expose a subject charging medium to opposing attractive influences or, in some cases, pre-ionization of a fluid. For example, passing in-flowing media through a charged ion chamber for pre-excitation of molecular structures prior to entry into the vortex chamber, followed by progression into the expansion and distribution chamber may enhance dissociative efficiencies.:)

  • My layman understanding of these is that they suggest that spin alignment caused by magnet is increasing O-O recombination.

    However there were theories about magnetic field actually weakening the bond inside of water molecule.
    With mainstream physics not knowing or agreeing what charge, electron, magnet are, my only hope is on the experimenters to find right condition.

  • Agreed - and many other reports/patents using ultrasound/cavitation enhancement and infra-red too. The 2019 Nat paper discovered the underlying electron spin alignment of the O atoms as being the mechanism. So the whole QuasarWave project looks exceedingly plausible using hydrodynamic cavitation in conjunction with magnetic fields presumably generated by the motion of the electrically charged disks etc. Possibly the hydrodynamic system is more efficient than using ultrasonics?

  • .....and Dardik's group reported increased excess heat with ultrasound way back in 2008 (due to increased D-loading of Pd)

    Three electrolysis cells with built-in ultrasonic transmitters were developed by Energetics Technologies. The ultrasonic transmitters induce cavitation in the electrolyte in the vicinity of the palladium cathode for in-situ cleaning and activation of the cathode surface, generation of dislocations, assistance in loading and excitation of the Pd-D system. The ultrasonically assisted electrolysis cells are described and excess heat generating experiments using these cells are illustrated. All of these experiments used the Dardik's modified SuperWaves to drive the electrolysis. The reproducibility of excess heat generation obtained using the ultrasonically assisted electrolysis experiments approaches 80%, which is the highest of all types of electrolysis experiments performed at Energetics Technologies. A significant amount of excess heat was generated and a very large Coefficient Of Performance (COP) was obtained in several experiments. The largest excess power obtained is 34 watts; the largest total excess energy is 3.5 MJ; the largest COP achieved is 3000%; and the longest duration of excess heat generation in a single experiment is 40 days. The largest amount of specific excess energy is 27 KeV per Pd or D atom. This is at least three orders of magnitude larger than the specific energy that can be generated by chemical reactions or that can be stored in the cell in the form of mechanical energy. The largest specific power generated is 70 W/g of Pd. For comparison, the average specific power in commercial nuclear fission reactors is between 20 to 50 W/g of uranium.

    ......so LENR effects may be a possibility in the QuasarWave system (maybe underlying hydrodynamic thermal energy production?)

  • I am looking forward to what is next at QuasarWave. On the other hand we had Joi Scientific with claims of using magnetism, specific wave forms of current and resonating circuits. They also cited Stanley Mayer in the patent. All ended up in a scandal.

    Hard to believe that in 10 yeas of existence, Joi never bothered to accurately measure input and output until and intern broke the news. Makes me wondering if the intern was there for a specific purpose.