LENR vs Solar/Wind, and emerging Green Technologies.

  • From the book “The Nature of Nature: The Discovery of SuperWaves and How It Changes Everything”

    "…We can entice open systems to become both more compressed and hotter by creating highly peaking nested wave patterns. …

    This is how to do it: Pulse waves in the form of so-called electricity, in large arcing waves. Then pulse waves into the peaks of those waves. Then pulse smaller waves yet into the inner peaks of those waves. Unlike Thomas Edison’s direct current, with is a straight line or Nikola Tesla’s alternating current, which alternates around an axis of a straight line, this is a “current” pulsed in the pattern of the SuperWaves IC fractal.

    With this carrier-wave pulse, the inner clusters of SuperWaves (the hydrogen atoms) will themselves pulse and pulse in ever-increasing frequency-amplitudes, until they compress – until they sprout a new level of complexity and become what we recognize as a helium atom."

    That new level of complexity is weak interacting quantum states. I have report that sonic cavitation does fusion in my pending patent. As you know, I propose the fusion is hydrogen to oxygen with the production of some unknown fuel product. The fuel product reacts with hydrogen. The kinetics of that reaction is in my pending patent. It would then follow that reaction recovers some portion of the fuel product energy.

    @ DrRichard Awesome discovery. Does anyone know if any better yield from a colder form of fusion has ever been reported?

  • .....and Dardik's group reported increased excess heat with ultrasound way back in 2008 (due to increased D-loading of Pd)

    Three electrolysis cells with built-in ultrasonic transmitters were developed by Energetics Technologies. The ultrasonic transmitters induce cavitation in the electrolyte in the vicinity of the palladium cathode for in-situ cleaning and activation of the cathode surface, generation of dislocations, assistance in loading and excitation of the Pd-D system. The ultrasonically assisted electrolysis cells are described and excess heat generating experiments using these cells are illustrated. All of these experiments used the Dardik's modified SuperWaves to drive the electrolysis. The reproducibility of excess heat generation obtained using the ultrasonically assisted electrolysis experiments approaches 80%, which is the highest of all types of electrolysis experiments performed at Energetics Technologies. A significant amount of excess heat was generated and a very large Coefficient Of Performance (COP) was obtained in several experiments. The largest excess power obtained is 34 watts; the largest total excess energy is 3.5 MJ; the largest COP achieved is 3000%; and the longest duration of excess heat generation in a single experiment is 40 days. The largest amount of specific excess energy is 27 KeV per Pd or D atom. This is at least three orders of magnitude larger than the specific energy that can be generated by chemical reactions or that can be stored in the cell in the form of mechanical energy. The largest specific power generated is 70 W/g of Pd. For comparison, the average specific power in commercial nuclear fission reactors is between 20 to 50 W/g of uranium.

    ......so LENR effects may be a possibility in the QuasarWave system (maybe underlying hydrodynamic thermal energy production?)

    Yea deffinately something beyond standard chemical energy! 27keV 🤔, with the horrible conversion rates of traditional fission something wild can be less energy dense theoretically and perform more powerful in terms of applied engineering. A device can perform better than all current nuclear reactors while potencially not being actually nucleon based in energy source. Hope the electrolysis stuff goes farther!

  • I was discussing this with Russ over a steak dinner this week. While on one hand people are getting interested in running another trial, the 'anti brigade' are starting to produce and publicise counter arguments. The things that always get overlooked in these arguments are simple. Storms and volcanoes can dump hundreds of million of tons of fertiliser-rich dust in the ocean every year, but the global wind patterns have changed and this mechanism is in decline. Also experimenting by adding just over 100 grams of nano-iron per square kilometre to the ocean is hardly likely to qualify as 'dumping' of any kind. It just helps make up the shortfall, the plankton levels increase, the food chain boost benefits fish stocks, and the skeletons of dead phytoplankton drift down to the deep ocean and sequester their carbon there for millennia. Simples - but it only works in the deep ocean, and needs to be done 'one dose at a time', never globally in one hit.

  • Also experimenting by adding just over 100 grams of nano-iron per square kilometre to the ocean is hardly likely to qualify as 'dumping' of any kind.

    100 gm/sqkm addition is not much compared to the natural iron from dust

    In the tropical North Atlantic, nitrogen fixation is co‐limited by Fe and P,

    but is stimulated by the addition of Saharan dusts that supply these elements. [Mills et al., 2004]. Kaufman et al. [2005]

    estimate that 140 ± 40 Tg of dust is transported annually from Africa to the Atlantic between 20°S and 30°N.


  • https://www.cambridge.org/core…_boronhydrogen_fusion.pdf


    The final result for a
    power reactor of Figure 2 (Hora, 2015; Hora et al., 2014,
    2015a, b) will then result in the reaction of 14 milligram
    boron-11 with the protons of hydrogen generating more

    than one Gigajoule (GJ = 277 kWh) energy. The single laser
    beam for the ignition has to be a picoseconds laser pulse of
    30 kJ energy of 30 PW power, which kind of pulses are
    rather close to the state of the art if needed one shot per
    second for energy generation of the value of more than
    $100 million/year (Hora et al., 2017b, c)."

  • Hora et al seem to be leveraging off picosecond CPA laser results.

    Which may take some time/ $ to apply to boron in UNSW

    PLUS achieve a net energy positive output

    ". When the power of the nanosecond laser pulses was exceeding a significant threshold of few MW, the ions

    – suddenly – had thousand times higher energies.

    These keV ions were separated with linear increase on the ion charge

    indicating that there was not a thermal equilibrium process involved


  • "Free Energy" featured on BBC Radio 4 today (Duration 27mPico-chemistryins)..


    "Free energy" definately isn't where it's at in my mind. Cheap dense liberating energy though! Since this thread is sapposed to cater to green energy in general (whether nuclear, chemical or environmental) I'll share this paper on pico-hydrides. This doesn't need any debatable lapses in the laws of physics to produce energy 2,500 times denser than the oxidation of hydrogen, while using a common metal like iron. In similar setups to many LENR experiments.



  • Is BigOil a Potential Customer of Rossi E-Cat QX Technology? It's evident, that BigOil is not in any way an enemy of LENR. The bigest enemies to watch out for are those with tax payer funding to lose, ie:

    1. The Academics, primarily the hot fusionistas. For obvious funding for their research the coming 30 years or so is on the line – We’re talking billions of dollars. For example Ernest Moniz who has joined the board of directors of Tri Alpha Energy served as US energy secretary under Barack Obama in 2013–2017 is just the person, who fought against cold fusion research at the MIT. But the other leaders of DOE weren't any better. Mildred Dresselhaus - now known as the "queen of carbon science" - was a long-term fighter against cold fusion, particularly against its research at MIT. She had signed the negative DOE report in 1989.
    2. The Greens and to some degree politicians in general that have spent many years building an opinion, funding and careers on the illusion of scarcity when it comes to energy. And of the taxation of it, including the AGW agenda, global taxation initiatives, etc.
    3. US military entities increasingly worried that they will not get the upper hand on this technology. They want it to difficult and it is not in their interest it being available quickly and everywhere. Entities like SPAWAR, NASA has obviously done research the past 25 years in the dark (with results, but probably not yest anything working). So it is safe to say they are watching.
    4. Industrial Heat. Definitely during the trial, but less so now I guess since they have other things to tend to. Unless they are involved in no 2 or 3 above which is not entirely impossible.
    5. Oil producers locally (mideast etc). But not really the big corps. They are owned mostly by the taxpayer and they will survive fine adjusting to new realities. Neither the banks who will mostly benefit. Read Sifferkol's report

    I can fully agree with Sifferkoll's opinions, because I got to similar conclusion before some time already