MacGyver (aka JohnyFive) LENR experiment

  • If it will work with H2O then I can be certain it was not Tritium that was produced with D2O.

    With H2O it could be UDH what would be great. And also the experiment would be significantly cheaper and affordable to anyone.

    What is required is to replicate it by as many people as possible and reveal all findings. It is necessary to exclude any possible errors by finding nature of the experiment.

    But without more people it will take at least months.

  • Now, we are obviously getting ahead of ourselves, but I think we should discuss what it will take to get several more people on board replicating. Let's say, hypothetically, that H2O works. This is truly the first step since most people will not be able to acquire D2O. If hydrogen turns out to work, before urging many people to replicate -- while of course allowing them to do so if they wish -- I think figuring out how to optimize and enhance the effect will be extremely important. I personally think we need obvious, undeniable levels of excess heat and a much higher quantity of strange radiation emissions. This is what will be required to get people excited about replicating which is an absolute MUST: the degree of emotional burn out in the LENR community is at an all time high. I don't think a few tracks or a trickle of excess heat will spawn the number of replications needed.

    If H2O works, then I think we need to look at what changes we can do to make the effect more pronounced, in varied ways. To enhance the effect thermally, I wonder if shielding the beaker in a layer of thermal insulation and a ferromagnetic sleeve (to absorb the strange radiation) would be of value. Another thought is to increase the surface area of cathode in a significant way. Furthermore, I can't help but think that a plasma discharge version of this same setup -- using a low pressure reactor with hydrogen, argon, and a touch of lithium -- wouldn't be a great path forward to boost the output. BLP claims that an arc discharge massively increases their reaction rate (what they claim to be hydrinos which I think is spheromak production and LENR) and I think we could use the same enhancement mechanism.

  • I just noticed that you are using steady DC. I really wonder what would happen if you used short duration square waves with a really fast rise time.

  • UPDATE: Great day today :)

    H2O is working very well too! No need for D2O. Today I measured 5 times of background. Half life was refined to be rather 15 - 20 minutes.

    Moreover I found how to boost the effect almost 2 times. I used activated paper again and it resulted in 3.5 times of background.

    Then I placed thin Ag foil at the top of the paper to cover it. And surprise - count rate was almost doubled.

    Then without any change after 15 - 20 minutes radiation started to go down and in around 50 - 60 minutes it is almost at background level.

  • Here you have one of the ways how it is being measured. The folded paper taken from the cell and placed at the pancake.

    To boost the count rate Ag foil was just placed at the paper. Super simple. It look like the metallic things can somehow reflect the radiation back to the Pancake. Even placing it 10mm above without touching anything is making a difference.

    If very same procedure is done with a paper that is anywhere else (even in very close proximity to the cell) but not at the top there is Nothing.

    If I will place Ag foil directly at the Pancake but without the activated paper there is again Nothing. Or if there is inactivated paper there is Nothing. Or if there is previously activated paper where all products decayed - there is Nothing.

    It does not matter where the pancake detector is. Wherever it is it is measuring in the same way. Nothing else in the lab is activated, just these things that were at the top side of the cell.

    By the way the H2O-based cell was running at 0.2W from the beginning at around 50mA. Even at this low current water is very clearly evaporated - stream of water vapor off the cell is very noticeable.

    Please let me know what chemical reaction could induce the counts? Lets suppose it is some Pancake artifact and for some reason the paper is causing discharges inside the Pancake. What else on Earth can do this? Moreover with Half Life.

  • So conclusion is that what is being measured (somehow) is UDD or UDH.

    Or anything else I am not aware.

    What else it could be?

  • Fascinating... now I’d really like to see a cloud chamber or bubble chamber image. I’m very curious if you have alpha.. especially if it is generated in the paper over those kinds of half life.

  • I am not sure if it is Alpha since the Pancake will rather not detect it. If so then I am measuring secondary radiation of other kind.

    In any way the particles like to be trapped in a porous materials and it can be also a 10mm thick foam. So paper is not the only option.

    Other materials that are rather not porous can't be activated well or at all.

    Unfortunately I can only capture just particular objects, not wider area containing any part of our lab. Next I can capture the Ludlums Survey meter if it helps...

  • So conclusion is that what is being measured (somehow) is UDD or UDH.

    Or anything else I am not aware.

    What else it could be?




    how can these gases become ultradense ? What is their atomic structure ?

    • Official Post

    Unfortunately I can only capture just particular objects, not wider area containing any part of our lab. Next I can capture the Ludlums Survey meter if it helps...

    I'm not asking to see what colour you paint the walls, I think you need to show us the experimental set-up you are using to measure radiation - as it is when you measure it. Put a sheet behind it, put it on the floor and shoot from above, I really don't mind. Disconnected pictures of tiny parts of your equipment (mostly the same old jam jar) are very little help.

  • May I ask if you get the same spectrum from the NAL with Hydrogen as you did with Deuterium?

    I know you suspect the radiation is not gamma but I’m curious if there are some signatures there.

  • @JohnyFive Please, get that cloud chamber up. I see they are pretty easy to build. Isopropanol, dry ice, fish tank, etc.

    Here is a sort half educated speculative guess, that may or may not accord with your observations (corrections welcomed):

    On an insulator, such as paper, charges can persist and be released over time, whereas on metallic foil they would enter into, or react with, the "Fermi sea" and be dissipated or neutralized instantly.

  • Alan Smith - Yes, this is plan. But I did not consider photoshooting important at the moment so I did not spend time on it. Doing more experiments was more important for me. Fortunately the experiment is so simple it is hard to make a mistake.

    IobseRvable - If we would consider that our current science can explain everything we would not spend time with LENR, haha. Certainly there is many materials we don't know about. For example are you able to explain dark matter? We know about its presence but nobody can explain it. Your attitude is the reason why current science is lagging and I hope that new generation of scientist will be cured from this.

    Wyttenbach - Yes, I did. Actually during measurement I was looking carefully at the plot to check if there is something interesting. And nothing. By the way it is not NAL. It is Sodium iodide.

    Longview - What I am afraid is that the radiation could actually not reach the chamber. And in case that it will be placed directly inside it could damage the particles due to isopropanol vapor.

    But definitively it is worth a try for multiple reasons. There can be a plenty of other particles I can't measure now.

    Yes, paper is actually good medium to store a charge. There are a paper capacitors, right? But is this normal? I would say that normally charge will dissipate on contact with the Pancake. Moreover if the paper is in direct contact with metallic foil and it actually very clearly boosts the effect. Why? And why a charge would cause ionization inside hermetically closed Pancake detector chamber?

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