Tadahiko Mizuno earthquake recovery fundraiser

  • Mizuno sent me 9 photos of the damage in his lab and the lab building. They are in a PowerPoint file with Japanese annotations. Here are some of them:

    Some of the damage to the building. This is a beam holding up the emergency stairwell. The entire building is leaning over, around 5 cm at the 7th floor. The building may be condemned. If it is condemned, Mizuno will have to move to another building, and it will cost a lot of money to move this delicate equipment.

    Objects fell on this SEM, damaging it, and the vacuum pump in it. It is not known whether it can be repaired.

    A damaged neutron detector. Various other equipment was damaged.

    Objects fallen off of shelves.

  • The SEM does not look damaged, but if the damage were bad enough to see it would be a write-off. I think Mizuno said one of the "bars" is bent. I think the gadget on the left is wrecked and the vacuum pump is leaking.

    This is used equipment. A new one costs ~$75,000 I think. It is hard to find a good used one, according to Ed Storms. He said most used ones are more trouble than they are worth.

    An expert from the factory will be there soon to evaluate it.

    He still has access to the building, but it might be condemned or it might need extensive reconstruction. He said the soil in the whole area seemed soft, and many buildings are now tilted over. Perhaps the soil was liquefied? That happens with earthquakes on reclaimed land, such as in San Francisco. This building is across the street from the campus of Sapporo University. Have a look. Address for Google map:

    札幌市北区北12条西4丁目 1-15 

    Huh. Google maps translated that into Romanized Japanese nicely:

    〒001-0012 Hokkaidō, Sapporo-shi, Kita-ku, Kita 12 Jōnishi, 4 Chome−1−15

  • Dear Colleagues,

    I know Tadahiko Mizuno since the beginning of Cold Fusion time (now the name changed to LENR, AHE, CANR, ...). He was Assistant Professor at Engeneering Department of Okkaido University (Japan). The key caracteristic of Tadahiko is the CREATIVITY. Another aspect is his unusual ability to learn different methodologies/technics, and be expert, in a quite short time. Apart frequent discussions on specific arguments, we even collaborated (about 15 years before) in a innovative, but quite complicated, experiment aimed to detect neutron emissions during thermal cycling at about 77 K.

    Very sadly his Laboratory, located in a (private) tall building, near the University area of Sapporo, was damaged by the (strong) recent heartquake. Several instrumentations are out of order, according to some photo made by Tadahiko and widespread by Jed Rotwell, also in this Forum. According to Tadahiko the money needed to repair damaged instruments is in the order of 20-30 k$.

    * I would like to suggest to everibody active, or just reader of LenrForum blog, to send some money to him using the proper procedures, as discussed in the previous messages (by Dennis Letts, Jed Rotwell, ...). Even 50-100 US$, from each people will help enough.

    Sorry, this time, to comunicate arguments not directly related to "our" Science.

    * According to me Tadahiko Mizuno is really a "special" Scientist.

    Thanks for Your time,

    Francesco CELANI


    COLD FUSION NOW! has posted a new item, 'Earthquake damage puts Mizuno research at risk' on https://coldfusionnow.org Earthquake damage puts Mizuno research at risk September 18, 2018 10:37 PM

    The 6.8 earthquake that struck Hokkaido Japan has killed nine and injured hundreds as multiple landslides shook communities. It has also battered the laboratory of veteran LENR researcher Tadahiko Mizuno, who has lost valuable research equipment and building damage will require the lab to move. Pictures show items knocked off shelves, and bounced around. [...]

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  • It is not clear yet whether he will have to move. My guess is that building inspectors may not show up for some time. They must be busy. It is also not clear how much it will cost to repair the SEM, which was most expensive instrument that was damaged. That's why we have such a vague estimate of $20,000 to $30,000.

    I think he can soldier on without some of the damaged instruments, but an SEM is essential.

    Perhaps it will be less than $20,000, but Mizuno is always running short of funding, so if there is any left over, it will be well spent. He does not have luxuries.

    The amount raised so far, $7000, is well short of the goal. However, I am sure it will be a tremendous help. It may spell the difference between Mizuno having to close down or stay open.

    He is thinking of offering a cell to someone as a kind of raffle-ticket prize for the fundraising. If anyone would like to try to replicate, please contact me. It is still a little difficult to contact Mizuno. Sapporo is still a mess. He lives within a few kilometers of the lab so he can walk.

  • I would also like to add another perspective as to why donating to Mizuno's Earthquake Recovery Fund is a worthwhile.

    Mizuno most recent setups are roughly similar -- at least when it comes to the key concepts -- to Rossi's early systems. Roughened nickel coated with palladium particles that function as a reverse spillover catalyst, a source of atomic hydrogen, an external resistor: Mizuno's setup seems to be very close to the original E-Cats that were observed -- by Focardi and Levi and others -- to produce very high levels of excess heat. I suspect that with proper resources and a repaired lab, he will be able produce far higher levels of output. Already, Mizuno speculates that at 700C he will be capable of producing a kilowatt of excess heat. My guess is that by optimizing his fuel -- perhaps by using nickel powder with a surface area even higher than nickel mesh -- he will be capable of multiple kilowatts and even self sustained operation. Throw in a little lithium and a rotating magnetic field and the sky is the limit.

    Most importantly, if he has no strings on his research that would prevent him from openly sharing his results, all the information on his test setup, fuel prep, and experimental methods would be posted. This would allow for anyone around the world to produce huge amounts of excess heat. LENR+ would be further cemented as a reality.

  • Most importantly, if he has no strings on his research that would prevent him from openly sharing his results, all the information on his test setup, fuel prep, and experimental methods would be posted.

    Not only will he share his results, he will send you this prepared reactor:

    It is 40 cm long, 8 cm diameter.

    He is looking around to find someone qualified and interested in getting it. I think he wants the money to cover the parts. Not sure how much. He said he would give it to someone as a way of saying "thank you" for the GoFundMe but I think that defeats the purpose. Anyone who can use it can also afford to pay for it. You have to have a lot of lab equipment to operate it.

    This would allow for anyone around the world to produce huge amounts of excess heat.

    Not huge amounts. 100 W input, 120 to 130 W output.

  • If they used higher temperatures, utilized his plasma based method to deposit the palladium nano-particles on the nickel, and performed a few additional optimizations I suspect the excess heat would become huge. In fact, I'd predict that self sustain would take place and they'd produce meltdowns.

  • A "thank you", and update from Mizuno:

    Dear Sir October 2, 2018

    I would like to thank everyone who has contributed. This will be a tremendous help for my work of CF.

    The damaged SEM will be repaired on next month. The estimated cost will be 2million yen. (USD $17,000)

    The laboratory building has not been inspected but it seems I may not have to move soon. It may be a few more months before we find out a new building.

    One of the things I hope to do with this money is to send a small reactor to an experimentalist would like to replicate my results very soon. The reactor is ready, so we have to decide who to send it to.

    Tadahiko Mizuno

    Not sure if they are still collecting? If so...we have 2400 members here, and many more guests. Many giving a little adds up. Just $20 US would help. One suggestion if you donate; Gofundme has a "Tip" section. Zero that out. That is not a tip for Mizuno, it is for the company.

  • Still collecting! We wire transferred the first installment. As you see, we are $10,000 short, but the $7,000 has been a tremendous help. Thanks everyone.

    That message format was little scrambled. The date is supposed to be above the salutation. I'll tell Dennis.

    Mizuno extends his thanks to everyone.

    I do not think the building has been inspected. I suppose building inspections in Sapporo are taking a long time. The photo of damage looked bad to me, but I cannot judge. Maybe it is not much worse than it was before? Tilting a few centimeters more? Buildings in Japan tend to be run down and dangerous looking, in my experience. This is across the street from a National University. Most of the buildings in National Universities I have been were dilapidated, as were the other buildings in the neighborhood. Also true of MIT and Cornell. I recall Mizuno told me his building used to be bar or a pachinko parlor or something like that. It looks like it.

  • Some fresh news on Mizuno thanks to Ruby Carat...

    COLD FUSION NOW! has posted a new item, 'Tadahiko Mizuno rewards CMNS community with test reactor' on https://coldfusionnow.org Tadahiko Mizuno rewards CMNS community with test reactor November 28, 2018 9:59 PM -- Nuclear chemist and veteran LENR researcher Dr. Tadahiko Mizuno is now in the recovery phase after an earthquake damaged sensitive equipment in his laboratory in Hokkaido, and the CMNS community is assisting in the repair and replacement of lab apparatus that will allow him to continue his successful excess heat research. "I have experienced [...] View the latest post at https://coldfusionnow.org/tadahiko-mizuno-rewards-community/

  • Great write up Ruby had on the Mizuno situation. Demonstrates in a very heartfelt way, how close knit the LENR is. I would suggest all read it. The recipient of the reactor, and his ties, are also interesting:

    Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen is Director of Operations of Norrønt AS, a company providing engineering project management and patent development. He is also a PhD candidate in Physics who has been researching ultra-dense hydrogen and Rydberg matter with PhD supervisor Svein Olafsson in Iceland and Norway’s Professor Svein Holmlid.

  • There was another earthquake in Sapporo yesterday. Mizuno reports that the building was damaged more. The elevator is not working and the water is cut off. However, there was no major damage in the lab, because after the last earthquake he took steps to secure the shelves and other equipment. So it is okay.