Tadahiko Mizuno earthquake recovery fundraiser

  • Still collecting! We wire transferred the first installment. As you see, we are $10,000 short, but the $7,000 has been a tremendous help. Thanks everyone.

    That message format was little scrambled. The date is supposed to be above the salutation. I'll tell Dennis.

    Mizuno extends his thanks to everyone.

    I do not think the building has been inspected. I suppose building inspections in Sapporo are taking a long time. The photo of damage looked bad to me, but I cannot judge. Maybe it is not much worse than it was before? Tilting a few centimeters more? Buildings in Japan tend to be run down and dangerous looking, in my experience. This is across the street from a National University. Most of the buildings in National Universities I have been were dilapidated, as were the other buildings in the neighborhood. Also true of MIT and Cornell. I recall Mizuno told me his building used to be bar or a pachinko parlor or something like that. It looks like it.

  • Some fresh news on Mizuno thanks to Ruby Carat...

    COLD FUSION NOW! has posted a new item, 'Tadahiko Mizuno rewards CMNS community with test reactor' on https://coldfusionnow.org Tadahiko Mizuno rewards CMNS community with test reactor November 28, 2018 9:59 PM -- Nuclear chemist and veteran LENR researcher Dr. Tadahiko Mizuno is now in the recovery phase after an earthquake damaged sensitive equipment in his laboratory in Hokkaido, and the CMNS community is assisting in the repair and replacement of lab apparatus that will allow him to continue his successful excess heat research. "I have experienced [...] View the latest post at https://coldfusionnow.org/tadahiko-mizuno-rewards-community/

  • Great write up Ruby had on the Mizuno situation. Demonstrates in a very heartfelt way, how close knit the LENR is. I would suggest all read it. The recipient of the reactor, and his ties, are also interesting:

    Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen is Director of Operations of Norrønt AS, a company providing engineering project management and patent development. He is also a PhD candidate in Physics who has been researching ultra-dense hydrogen and Rydberg matter with PhD supervisor Svein Olafsson in Iceland and Norway’s Professor Svein Holmlid.