Mizuno's Cold Fusion Reactors From The Past: Legit, or not?

  • Hello Everyone,

    The following page on the JLN Labs website details a series of replication attempts that allegedly show excess heat production. Looking back at these experiments are a blast from the past - I remember reading about them so long ago it feels like ancient history. Although the powder-gas-plasma systems and pure plasma systems may seem more promising, if CF can be proven with a system such as these, I wonder if would be worth the effort to attempt replicating them. Of course it would take up money, time, labor, and other resources that in my opinion could be devoted to building a pure plasma based system like Rossi's Quark.


    The first thought that comes to mind is that these look like far higher powered versions of JohnyFive's experiments. Do any of you have any comments?

  • The first thought that comes to mind is that these look like far higher powered versions of JohnyFive's experiments. Do any of you have any comments?

    Yes I do...that would be an understatement. JF's photos, and documentation, do not match his words. That is to say, his words are impressive, nothing else though...yet. Still waiting for that "Open Science" from him, that he first came on here preaching about.

  • Yes. He needs to follow through with his words. If you come here supporting open science and the spirit of sharing information, you need to follow through. The first oddity I noticed was his unwillingness to share more photographs; however, when performing alleged "nuclear" science at home, if this testing is being performed in his abode, I could understand him not wanting to tip off his location to authorities. Yeah, this is not a good reason at all. I just try to look at things from every angle and add every datapoint to my mental calculation. I hope he returns and provides a load more pictures, videos, and data.

    The first thing that strikes me is that even if these experiments on JLN Labs are reproducible and produce LENR, they won't last for any significant duration without modification because of the damage to the electrodes. The wear issue is addressed in the Eccles patent in which a magnetic field can be used to keep the plasma a tiny distance off the cathode. Additionally, in that patent, an axial magnetic field is said to assist in the generation of nuclear reactions and excess heat. I think this is a huge sign that spheromaks are involved. With spheromaks, a flow of electrons can self generate a magnetic field which first produces filaments and then closes up into the classic spheromak. An external magnetic field can add the swirl required to produce the vortex motion. A rotating magnetic field even more so.

    I'm also struck by, in most basic terms, how simple this experiment seems to be. If I remember correctly, there were a lot of folks poking holes in J. Naudin's calculations and measurement techniques, but I don't remember if I thought these were valid arguments or false accusations. The only answer, of course, is more testing.