Woodford Patient Capital gets 357% energy boost (because of Industrial Heat upgraded to $112Mn$ value)

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    It starts by explaining that the IH shares were reevaluated to +357%


    Woodford Patient Capital gets 357% energy boost

    Shares in Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) have jumped on the back of a significant increase in the value of one of its disruptive holdings in the technology sector.

    Link Fund Solutions, the trust’s appointed alternative investment fund managers, has upgraded the value of Industrial Heat by 357% to $112.9 million (£85.2 million).

    Then they explains that IH is working on Cold Fusion, LENR, and Neil Woodford explain the reason of the upgrade:


    It added: 'Over the course of the past eighteen months, there have been developments within Industrial Heat's portfolio of technologies that have shown increasing promise.

    'Hence, with the company raising capital from other investors to continue the path to commercialisation, the valuation of the company has been adjusted to reflect this progress.'

    'Although, this is positive progress for Industrial Heat and the Trust, it remains early days in the development and commercialisation of these technologies.'

    Not much data, but this only mean that they feel enough confident, with preliminary non-operational results (as we are probably are already informed), to reevaluate the company, and communicate to the market.

    Weak signal.

  • I thought Dewey has been very positive lately, but not 357% positive!

    I like the idea of a quantitative positivity index. Sort of a DJIA for cold fusion. It is kind of silly, but people like to see numbers.

    If anyone deserves success in this business, it is I.H. I hope they loosen the purse strings in response to this upswing in the index.

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    valuation in very risky business is not as precise as the 57 of 357% (not even as 400%)...

    it is a bit funny, but what I took is : "we are half an order of magnitude (+/- 2 order of magnitude of uncertainty) more optimistic than despaired compared to what we were before."

    what is important is they dare to speak...

    You cannot imagine how it is risky today not to think like the (political) consensus.

  • Valuation is indeed a risky business.

    I would expect the figure of 357% is just guff pulled out from somewhere. How do you put a value on LENR?

    The trusts fund managers have talked about "increasing promise" but, other than promise, there is no hard data presented in this article, and, at one point, it calls Andrea Rossi a "scientist" :D.

    However the fact they have been willing to come out and talk about cold fusion in a public article is either informed bravery, or desperation for good news for Woodford, just as his interim fund report is published.

    All we really have is that some new investors have been willing to invest new money in IH at an increased value.

    Best case; I would hope that this is a good sign based on said new investors being presented with convincing scientific data from "external validation" and a realistic development plan.

    Worst case; Rossi has not cornered all the gullible money.

    Personally I am invested in WPCT partly because it is the only way, as a small, private investor, I can get into the LENR action, that is an indication of my generally positive view of LENR and IH. Time will tell.

  • I thought Dewey has been very positive lately, but not 357% positive! Something must be up in LENR land? This good news puts the $20 million, or so, IH lost on Rossi in perspective.

    BTW: Does anyone have an ICCF21 photo of the "IH Team"? I know they took one, but I have not seen it yet.

    Does IH have any special rights to utilize Mizuno's methods? I do not remember, but I thought, and I could be wrong, they sponsored some of his work a while back. If so, they could have a lab working on an enhanced and optimized version of his technology. I personally feel that there's a ton of low hanging fruit with Mizuno's technology.

    I also wouldn't doubt if they looked at Randell Mills work, the speculation about the Quark, reviewed the history of T. Henry Moray's discharge tubes, looked at the PAGD device, and a list of other technologies that all work utilizing similar principles and came up with their own version. In this case, I suspect they could be zeroing in on maximizing aneutronic reactions in a plasma between two or more electrodes. A lot of the basic physics concepts of how to form and manipulate spheromaks is already out there.

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    All I know is that IH has many of the old guard in their camp. Some of the experimenters do not like that, and see it is an attempt to monopolize the field, but all I care about is results. And it seems the results have improved 3 fold.

    And I agree with Zeus about the valuation. There must be some underlying reason for the increase. They just can't pull that out of their arse. It has to be pegged to something.

  • All I care about is open results that are shared so that anyone around the world can replicate them. I doubt that such results will come from any for-profit company that would value the almighty dollar more than revealing the reality of the technology to the world. They'd rather the population of this planet remain ignorant of a world changing technology than reveal secrets that could help competitors while they try to market their goods to billion dollar corporations for a fat pay off. I'm not addressing any specific company here. At this moment, I don't trust any "company" that claims to have an LENR technology: none of them are inviting replicators to perform builds and experiments in their labs on video for posting on YouTube. I think the only hope we have for openness are the aging eccentric tinkers with keen engineering, mechanical, and laboratory skills from their prior careers. If we're lucky, a few of them may no longer care about financial gain and simply want to see the world change in paradigm shattering ways before they grow even older, get stuck in a nursing home, forget the name of their loved ones, and die.

  • I agree with Shane that there must be something behind the increased valuation.

    I would expect that at the least it is results replicated by independent, respected laboratories.

    Even better would be if IH was able to show real progress in understanding the LENR mechanism(s), or reliably improved outputs; or both.

    But I also agree with Alan that value can be extremely subjective and even ephemeral, as famously illustrated in the dot com bubble.

    An LENR process might be worth anything from zero (not mentioning any names) to billions or trillions. So pick a number.

  • Many hope that LENR can be shared openly so that it can be free to the world. A noble aspiration which I agree with.

    However, so far, after so many years, no such luck.

    While LENR free to the world would be great I would settle for just LENR, proven, working and available, even if it is by some entity that "owns it".

    I believe Darden when he says he has aspirations for the technology to better the world. He does not have to say that, or anything. However I also accept he is a business man. LENR clearly needs serious investment if it is to develop and those investors want a profit.

  • This press release suggests that Industrial Heat did an equity raise (to unknown third parties not Woodford) at a per share valuation around 3.57x higher than the original investment. The equity raise is equivalent to a stock transacting on a stock exchange, between an unrelated third party buyer and Industrial Heat -- the price per share being what the third party actually paid. It is not clear what other ownership Woodford had in Industrial Heat (i.e. warrants, convertible bonds, options, etc...) so it is not clear how much higher the valuation of Industrial Heat is from this transaction beyond the fact that someone paid _more_ for the shares than where Woodford originally invested. It is also not clear how many dollars were invested, i.e. a third party investing $2 mm is a lot different than a third party investing $200 mm. This is all the data that they (Woodford and Industrial Heat) have given us so far.

  • I thought Dewey has been very positive lately, but not 357% positive! Something must be up in LENR land? This good news puts the $20 million, or so, IH lost on Rossi in perspective.

    BTW: Does anyone have an ICCF21 photo of the "IH Team"? I know they took one, but I have not seen it yet.

    you can find photos of the conference here: https://www.iccf21.com/

    and specifically the IH "team" here: https://www.iccf21.com/fullscr…q1c0%26s%3Dstyle-jm7sxve5

  • not sure how all is on the "team". I do know they have funded quit a few others. At ICCF I did notice Fran T. and JeanPaul B mentioning IH but I don't think they are part of "the team".

    The thing I wondered about was Tex. Tech. Their whole "team" left after the first day. I wonder what was happening. Rumors where they were having problem to get any thing really going but had some transmutation event. They were very silent about their activities. They had a lot of young folks their but I got the impression that they didn't really have a grasp on the history and old methods.

    Young people these days rely to much on Google searches and don't seem to "interact" at the personal level. You can learn a lot by talking and listening- networking..... that art seems to be going away.

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