Russia and Eastern European LENR Developments

  • Bad news for Deneum are now out on YouTube. Little details are unclear but it is evident that things didn't go as planned and they are pursuing alternative plans since S.Tsvetkov (main investor and scientist) left.

  • Here is the video

    It the comments, S.Godin, who is still with Deneum apparently, he says that business is as usual at Deneum albeit a bit slow. Deneum management style, he says, is not to provide much updates. They keep investing money for the right things and research is continuing in advanced simulation of D-Ti since origial replication of Tsvetkov's patent didn't emit any radiation as per claim.

  • Sergey Godin was disappointed in the cold nuclear fusion .... 30 years and no perspective .. wrote on the FB. I invite all physicists to study my theory on geology, there in the lithosphere LENR is constantly going!

  • Of course you can, I do experiments for a long time, but I do not have spectrometry, chromatography and so on, there is no laboratory. Based on the formation of ball nodules due to ball lightning in the crust, I make a Tarasenko generator with ball lightning! Here is my topic .. Generator Tarasenko based on the model of the planet Earth

    Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr:


    Thanks go to SERGEI for providing this. Excellent article by long time LENR (Cold Synthesis) researcher Tsvetkov. Reads very well in translation. Starts with FP's announcement, and his success shortly after, then continues until today. Who he worked with, and for:

    1989−1993 SFNIKIET
    1990-1992 Small business SORUS
    1993-1995 IHTEC UB RAS, ENECOUSA
    1996 JINR
    1997 IPE UrB RAS
    1994−2015 RFBR
    1997–2017 Rospatent
    2000−2001 HCF
    2003−2006 IHTEC UrD RAS
    2007 RUSNANO, Russian innovations
    2007–2009 GFEN, China
    2012-2015 AEE AG GmbH, Germany
    2012- ... Euro patent
    2013 European Commission for Energy
    2014 National Instruments, USA
    2014 AREVA, France
    2015 AIRBUS Group
    2015-2017 UrFU
    2017 Russian Railways
    2018 ARPA-E, USA
    2018 Deneum, Estonia

    I note Deneum is listed, but believe he may no longer be working with? None-the-less, I highly recommend the 20 minutes to read. Covers 30 years of LENR experience, methods, metals, tidbits on how to make it work, neutrons, theory, politics, patents, and the same frustration in getting his government, and military to believe this is real, as those to the west, and east experienced.

    Russia/Ukraine has so much history, solid research, and successes in LENR, yet it seems to me we are just recently beginning to realize that. Looking forward to hearing more from our friends.

  • wow..thanks SERGEI .

    google translate really makes the whole world a village... or a gossip corner

    " Через кварцевое окошко импульсным лазером воздействовали на торец образца внутри реактора, при этом регистрировали нейтроны и гамма-излучение. Through a quartz window, a pulsed laser affected the end of the sample inside the reactor, with neutrons and gamma radiation being recorded."

    1990 using a pulsed laser?

    Here is the link to the paper ..10 authors…origin=publication_detail

  • Холодный ядерный синтез — это дар Творца. Cold nuclear fusion is the gift of the Creator.

    Грех им не воспользоваться во благо. Sin is not to take advantage of them.…-svoim-putiom&prev=search

    If the Creator can survive Soviet education,,

    then the Creator can

    grant that Nuremberg patent

    Those Nuremberg patent office holdouts need to be put on trial

    2012 to 2019!!!! ... this is stonewalling..

  • 1990 using a pulsed laser? - No course, laser pulses!

  • RobertBryant

    I will check the video out, do not hold your breath lenr secret will be safe. Like many theorist these guys are trying their theory in a popular field of lenr.

    They also have 600p book linked in this forum before

    This page has a link to free pdf download. On the of the pages at the annex area has an English cover page.

    As an amateur I find their claims appealing.

  • He mentions that estimated electrical field inside of lattice binary boundary can be as high as 200eV

    He did not propose a definitive answer to what happens exactly but proposes that lattice defects are right active environment for the transformation. What can happens next could be electron capture or Mills hydryino formation or something else.

    Main goal of the presentation is to call for an experiment to remove any doubts about the existence of the low energy transformations.

  • Он упоминает, что расчетное электрическое поле внутри решетки бинарной границы может быть до 200eV

    Он не предложил окончательного ответа на то, что именно происходит, но предположил, что дефекты решетки являются правильной активной средой для преобразования. То, что может произойти дальше, может быть захват электронов или образование гидринов Миллса или что-то еще.

    Основная цель презентации-призвать к эксперименту по устранению любых сомнений в существовании низкоэнергетических превращений.

    Макс уберите Зайцева Ф.С. из моей темы.

  • SERGEI для того чтобы убрать надо найти вескую причину. Вы можете выразить свое несогласие с ним в культурной форме - не проблема.

    Мне тоже не все нравится что тут пишут но я с уважением отношусь к любому мнению. В этом есть суть цивилизованного обмена информацией.