Francis Tanzella (SRI retired) Podcast on CFN

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    Thank you again Ruby! Here is the header, which confirms what Alan had heard earlier this year about the SRI program, and Tanzella:

    "Dr. Francis Tanzella, Program Manager Low Energy Nuclear Reactions SRI, International recently retired and now consulting privately. After earning his Ph.D in chemistry from UC, Berkeley, and studying Electrochemistry as a post-doctoral at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Tanzella worked as a chemist at DuPont. Since 1986, he helped develop the low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) electrochemical and calorimetry program at SRI and hosted many other LENR researchers in attempts to reproduce and understand their processes and devices. Dr. Tanzella gives his account of the evaluation of the Brillouin HotTube, and how that relationship will continue despite the closing of SRI’s LENR lab."

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    Very interesting interview. I say that not because all the others were boring, but SRI had their feet both in the pure research, and the commercial side of the field. We love to hear of who is trying to make it to market. The market is brutal, and quickly picks winners and losers. So far all losers unfortunately, but that could change soon.

    DARPA funded SRI to verify, replicate, and duplicate others work. Think of that for a moment. The US government chose SRI, and no one else to sort the wheat from the chaff. That should tell you something. That makes SRI the gold standard for the field. If they say it is LENR, it is safe to say it is. Anyway, sometime around 2005 they started testing, and working with Brillouin Energy. If you want to get right to that part in the Podcast, and pass up some other goodies like Tom Passel, how they got started, etc. start at 18:05.

    Worth the listen.

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    Something to note from the interview for future reference, is that SRI shut down many alternative energy programs as a cost savings measure. LENR was not the only target. Tanzella also acquired more equipment then he seems to know what to do with, which at present is in his basement.

    He has started a new company: "Energy Research Center, LLC" located in the SF Bay area. He offers his services as a scientific consultant in alternative energy. Something for others in the field to keep in mind, as we have some assets in the Bay area. Good for Dewey to know also, if he does not already.

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