Strange Radiation from EVO Decomposition Catalyzing Powder and Plasma Based Systems.

  • I would be helpful if you provide a reference for an assertion. For example, a link to a post where me356 states that he "detected neutrons coming from NiH. He saw that they interacted with lithium."

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    me356: Reactor parameters [part 2]

    I am sure that Ni-H reaction can yield also real neutrons and that probability that I am measuring neutrons is very high.

    This was verified long time ago even by Sergio Focardi, yet the excess heat was relatively very small. Now imagine what can happen with much stronger reaction.

    Citoyen Curieux: You can think whatever, but I dont intend to make any impression. I am doing just what is needed to reach desired target. I need only time, nothing more.

    It does not matter if you are absolutely ineducated or you are professor, you are nobel laureate or helper in a car service. If one really want, one can achieve anything.


    me356: Reactor parameters [part 2]

    Interesting observation today - To start the secondary reaction (Cat), Lithium should be in contact with Nickel or in "a direct visibility". If there is some material, that will block products of the Mouse process, it will not work or it can be significantly throttled.


    me356: Reactor parameters [part 2]

    Arnaud: Neutral particle that can activate gold ... I'd say it is neutron. If not, then its properties are very similar.

    So as you can see in the above posts....

    Me356 detected what appeared to be neutrons coming from Ni-H.

    These neutrons can at least appear to be neutrons according to his detectors.

    The Ni-H is the "mouse" that feeds the cat which in this case is lithium.

    I think that there are many other materials that could be used to interact with the SR.